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WordPress And SEO Trainer Plugin

WordPress Plugins Including Schema Markup

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Social Media Profile Image Template Dimensions

YouTube Subscribe Button Image (Watermark)

  • YouTube Subscribe button image (black) right click save as to download
  • YouTube Subscribe button image (white) right click save as to download

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Author: RankYa

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22 thoughts on “Public Assets”

  1. Joshua

    Your content is amazing. Came across you via your Youtube videos and it has helped me a lot, I’m still learning and implementing certain bits into our site thank you!

  2. Gurwinder Singh

    I was checking your tutorial for Yoast SEO and when I checked on Yoast SEO I have realised that I don’t have XML sitemap for my website, It shows page not found. I have my website registered in Google and there are only 2-3 pages which shows up when I search on goole and all the pages are not visible. Can you please help me with this.


    1. RankYa

      Hello Gurwinder, your site is coming along just fine, when searching Google use the site:yourdomainname search operator to see how many pages are indexed. Also, remove the link to your blog from the menu, instead, start blogging on the site itself (target long tailed keywords first) and also focus on social media marketing for your niche. Do these and you will grow your website in no time. Also your site has the pages indexed when you check using the site:operator search, your sitemap not being there is probably caused because you don’t have any blog posts published on your site, also, it could be due to the settings with the Plugin you are using. Use Yoast because it easier to use it and it created sitemaps for you as well. So publish some posts first and make sure that you watch the video tutorial I created for using Yoast SEO Plugin I hope this helps

  3. Raheem

    Hey RankYa,

    I just landed here from your YouTube video. I watched it till the end and now I can go with Schema Markup for my sites without any hesitation.

    Thanks, man.

    1. RankYa

      You my dear sir will indeed be more valuable in 2016 as major search engines like Google are moving towards Schema Markup, well done Raheem (keep in mind that I always need quality bloggers who are willing to provide guest posting opportunities, so if you would be interested in providing such collaboration, let me know. Also you can email me through contact page to tell me bit more about yourself because it requires certain talent and dedication to insert Schema Markup, perhaps if we can agree on certain aspects, then who knows how we can assist each other? I wait for your email, till then wishing you great success on internet.

  4. Christian

    Hi RankYa,

    Thank you for a great tutorial on youtube.

    I have tried to find the snippet for Google bot there is inserted in header.


    1. RankYa

      Hello Christian, have you found the snippets you are looking for? If not let me know and I will update accordingly

  5. Aman

    I got this message while open the add new plugin area “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.” I try all thing, but nothing happen. And also RSS error in Dashaboard which are like that “RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Failed to connect to port 80: Connection timed out
    RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out” So please reply fast. I am really worry about that.

    1. RankYa

      Just remove the last plugin you installed. Or was it something that happened all of a sudden? I need more details to find a solution for you, let me know

    2. RankYa

      Try this: open your wp-config.php file and add

      Don’t forget to replace the URI to match your own domain (if using https, then change it accordingly) save and upload wp-config.php and see if that fixes it

  6. shaun

    Rankya your the BEST adding the codes, solved my headache, THANKS ALOT !!!!!
    Allow: /*.js
    Allow: /*.css

    Shaun, i will spread the word….

    1. RankYa

      Great to hear, Shaun, don’t forget to come back to visit my newly updated blog. I will be adding unknown (yet easy to use) Google ranking techniques as soon as I finalize the updates. Talk soon, till then, keep publishing useful content and grow your online business.

  7. shaun

    “Partial” status in Google search console, what does it really mean? Good or bad for our website rankings. You have a really great site full of information and i am a total beginner thats made a wordpress page using the vantage theme. I am so stuck i dont know if its something i have done wrong or if it take google time to become “complete”

    Thanks in advance

    1. RankYa

      Hi Shaun, partial status isn’t something to worry about, it basically means that when Google requests certain pages, it can only see “part of that page” as opposed to full view. This is normal for most sites due to using Plugins etc. I have them too sometimes (that’s why its very important to use GWT) and ideally, you should make Google see all of your content (because it can then work out “how a typical user will experience your website”) which then obviously it calculates further ranking calculation factors.

      Here’s one way to fix these issues (by providing Googlebot access directly using robots.txt file)

      In your robots.txt file, include these two directives:

      User-agent: Googlebot
      Allow: /*.js
      Allow: /*.css

      This should fix most access issues for Partial page rendering. Let me know how you go with this. And thank you Shaun for spreading the word about RankYa SEO

  8. tommy

    the Robots.txt protocol ? i can not fund it ?

    1. RankYa

      Hi Tommy, I’ve updated this page (as well as website) over the weekend, anyhow the file you want can be found above “Sample robots.txt file” also download the other WordPress related content as it may be of use in the future

  9. Anikethan

    Best place to learn seo. Thanks for providing useful informations.
    I have a doubt about keyword.
    Keywords are not used while ranking. finding keyword means finding the topic people looking to write. Right?

    I think it is right because, in blogger you don’t have a place to enter keyword. But why sir some big seo website telling about keyword, LSI keywords bla bla.

    1. RankYa

      Because those Big SEO’s are confused about what keyword targeting means and how to use them when optimizing landing pages. You have to select about 4 root keywords per page to target and write for people and not search engines. While here let me provide you with couple of advanced search queries to help you group keywords. Like so:

      “how to” * KEYWORDOFINTEREST (Wildcard operator will reveal the most searched terms. So start here)

      Then, you may like to test the ABC’s like so
      “how to abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789” KEYWORDOFINTEREST
      “how to” abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 KEYWORDOFINTEREST (notice the ABC’s outside the double quotes)

      For example:
      “how to” fix ABC… WordPress

      The below example will also reveal to you the most searched terms specifically for particular keyword like this. So think of * as the most searched Google suggestion
      “how to” fix * WordPress

      More insights are coming, check back in couple of days

    2. Anikethan

      I will, follow you website. And do i need to highlight that keywords using bold, italic, underline.
      Exact match is not required while using keyword in the content, right?

      And special thanks to your youtube channel, every video is great.

    3. RankYa

      That’s right, you don’t need to use exact match within the web copy if it breaks down communication requirements, but if you can use it, then its better for Google. Thank you for sharing RankYa SEO videos

  10. kachhai nitin

    On of the best seo Knowledge i get form you rankya..
    thank you..

    can i know your name pls.

    1. RankYa

      You should check out my videos they will be of help even more, what is the purpose of your site?

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