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Google Analytics Tutorial

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I don’t know about you but when I first began using Google Analytics, I was overwhelmed with the amount of data website tracking platform was showing me. And to be honest, I am still learning how to use Google Analytics because Google keeps adding new features offering you more options for analyzing website visitor user interactions for improvements. So I decided to create:

FREE Google Analytics Tutorial Video – Latest Edition

At the end of the day, we can think of two different ways for Google Analytics, one is for quick analysis and the other is for in-depth analysis combining the data from Google Adwords YouTube Google AdSense where you can dive deeper to see how your overall marketing efforts are performing, as well as how people are interacting with your content.

Most website owners who use Google Analytics in 2016 want to just learn what’s important for their small business websites. I hope this video tutorial has answered that question for you. For more tips and tricks press . Got any questions? Leave your comments using the form below.

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  • mr einstein

    hey thanks rankya for the great tut.

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