How-to Delete All My Activity and Google History

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If you’ve never deleted your Google history before, then you’d be surprised to know how much data Google has collected about your activity. Also, its actually a good practice to ensure your online privacy is better protected when you do not want Google to keep track of your activity. Let me show you how-to delete all your Google history at once.

Note: when you choose to delete All products this will erase every history associated with all Google Products you are using or used.

Note: both video tutorials will work on both devices (mobile phone, laptop or desktop)

Video Tutorial for Deleting ALL Activity and History from ALL Google Products (using Desktop)

Video Tutorial for Deleting ALL Activity and History from ALL Google Products (using Android)

Steps for Deleting All Your History Using Your Computer or Android Phone

On your computer, go to My Google Activity Delete settings Then Select “All time” My Google Activity Delete Activity Setting Then “Choose activity to delete” Select All My Google Activity Choose Activity to delete Confirm Deletion by pressing Next

Above steps deletes most Google Products for Web & App Acvitity and History. However, it does NOT delete everything from ALL Google products.


Certain Google Products have different settings for history and activity controls, when you want to delete everything from every Google product you are using, then, follow these steps:

Go to Google Account Activity Controls Google Account Activity Controls

How to Better Control Your Activity?

Google offers various options to better control your privacy and activity. You can tell Turn on or Turn Off, or even set Auto Deletion for better account management. You can tell Google to STOP Saving your activity. Web & App Activity Controls

Turn On or Turn Off Web & App Activity Turn off Web Activity

Or, you can set it to auto delete your web activity. auto delete option

Understand that certain Google products require you to manage your activity individually as detailed above. This means, if you want to delete everything from each Google product associated with your Google account, you’ll need to spend bit of time going through each settings under “other activity” to be able to completely delete everything.

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