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Advanced Search Operators for Google

Here’s what I did the other day for Magic Schema Outreach Campaigns. I searched Google search engine with these advanced search queries

recipe inurl:wp-content

What Did This Advanced Search Operator Tell Google?

It told Google to look for a keyword “recipe” but also it told Google to find websites that would have wp-content in the URL (websites built on WordPress have wp-content for images) so thus Google indexes them accordingly bringing the result exactly the way I wanted.

What About This Query?

"research" "usability" "test" inurl:youtube
inurl:google-advanced-search-query-syntax "advanced Google search"

These are great, and we can even say basics of Google advanced search operators. Because for each search we need to

Know Our Search Target

It is always better to stop and ask yourself what is it that I am looking for exactly?

Then you can use these basics and yet very powerful advanced Google search queries

  • Double Quotes: wrapping keywords within “double” quotes forces Google to include that keyword
  • -Minus: operators basically tells Google to not bring you that -minused word
  • Filetype: type of file you are looking for filetype:pdf
  • Define: tell Google to define the word to you
  • inurl: find the keywords I am looking for but make sure they are mentioned in the URL of a web document
  • intitle: same as above but looks for keywords in the web document title
  • intext: within the textual area of a web page
  • inanchor: within the hyperlink text

Google Advanced Search Tips Video

If you own a website, and you are looking for ideas for your next content creation (perhaps a blog post?) then use these samples to see what you can find (replace the keyword to match your industry specific keywords).

top keyword filetype:pdf
top * keyword posts
best keyword posts
keyword “best 2016”
keyword “top 10”
keyword “top 50”
keyword “top 100”
best keyword posts 2016
best keyword posts 2015

While here if you want to spy on your competitors, use the site: operator and later site:operator with filetype:pdf or even include inurl:stat

Follow this link because it contains more indepth look at Google advanced search operators. Thank you for learning with RankYa

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