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Google search engine provides advanced search options for you to find precisely what you are looking for. recipe inurl:product

What Did This Advanced Search Operator Tell Google?

It told Google to look for a keyword “recipe” but also it told Google to find websites that includes the word ‘product’ in the URL.

What About This Query?

"research" "usability" "test" inurl:youtube "advanced Google search" inurl:rankya inurl:seo You can create multiple search patterns and use Google advanced search operators to really find things quicker. Because for each search we need to

Know The Target

It is always better to stop and ask yourself what is it that I am looking for exactly?

Then you can use these basics and yet very powerful advanced Google search queries

  • Double Quotes: wrapping keywords within “double” quotes forces Google to include that keyword
  • -Minus: operators basically tells Google to not bring you that -minused word
  • Filetype: type of file you are looking for filetype:pdf
  • Define: tell Google to define the word to you
  • inurl: find the keywords I am looking for but make sure they are mentioned in the URL of a web document
  • intitle: same as above but looks for keywords in the web document title
  • intext: within the textual area of a web page
  • inanchor: within the hyperlink text

Google Advanced Search Tips Video

If you own a website, and you are looking for ideas for your next content creation (perhaps a blog post?) then use these samples to see what you can find (replace the keyword to match your industry specific keyword). top keyword filetype:pdf top * keyword posts best keyword posts keyword "top 10" keyword inurl:how-to best keyword posts 2021 While here why not conduct competitor analysis using

  • filetype:pdf
  • inurl:stat

Want to learn more in-depth skills searching, visit Google advanced search operators blog post.

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