How to Remove Your Name from Google

Welcome to the minefield of trying to remove your information from Google. Because the first thing to know about Google search results for the web search is that Google grabs them from the publicly available internet and stores it in its own servers. Meaning, almost all of the information brought to you by Google’s web search engine is actually coming from other websites and not from Google’s own sites.

Depending on the country or continent you live in, different laws and protections apply. For example: if you are a lucky citizen of a country within European Union, then simply head out here and begin the process of right to be forgotten with EU Privacy Removal because:

In May 2014, a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (C-131/12, 13 May 2014) found that certain people can ask search engines to remove specific results for queries that include their name, where the interests in those results appearing are outweighed by the person’s privacy rights.

Knowing that, you need to ask yourself IF the content (name, images, videos etc.) are on websites that is not part of Google Products (such as Google+ YouTube Google Docs) because both require different approaches for removal.

Step 1 Remove Information for Legal Reasons

Fortunately, the law protects you and everyone else using Google. For example: if your financial information is in Google results for the world to see, then, Google will treat that differently. Above all else, Google has about what it will and what I won’t remove. But legal issues are taken seriously by Google and this is the .

shows google removal policy details
shows google removal policy details steps outlining removal policies for Google search engine

Step 2 Removing Information from Normal Web Search

This out of all is the most common type of questions we receive “how do I remove my name from Google?” “I see bad reviews for my business can you help us remove it from Google?” the bad news is, Google wants you to contact the website where your details are published on, and then try to get them to remove it. If you need to follow this approach, then do NOT email the website owner asking him or her for deleting your information from their website because 99% of times they won’t delete it.

Instead begin research about the website/s in question by conducting a whois search to find postal address of the business. Then, you need to send them formal request. I’ve created a more detailed blog post explain more options here how to remove content from Google

Remember that if you are the website owner and want to remove your own URL’s from Google search results (perhaps outdated content you no longer wish to show in Google), then you use the

Step 3 Push Down Results So Its Buried

This is often called and it can be accomplished easily if you understand how Google rankings work. Basically, you can by using Google rankings itself outrank the current results it shows. The process is quite easy.

Also, word of caution about those shady reputation management service providers who may actually do more harm managing your reputation than clear it up for you (usually after they charge you thousands of dollars for the services which is usually techniques that  Google frowns upon).

For example, some of these reputation management services hire poor quality article writers with bad English to pump out low quality written articles trying to out-rank other websites. The end result may be even worse than before you used these reputation companies (some of them even Guarantee removals of names from Google) don’t be fooled with such BS claims because Google doesn’t make billions of $’s if others could easily hack their servers to remove results (it doesn’t work like that).

Google Search Results
Illustration of Google Search Results page highlighting textual information regarding How to Dominate Google Search Results

Remember, you could easily manage your name shown in Google search results by following simple techniques, or simply hire a lawyer to get them involved, but be active as Google results usually stay around for a long time if the unwanted results aren’t deleted.

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