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How to Rank in Google Local Business Results

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All business’s whether local or national or international want to be in Google search results. Preferably within first page first position. So how’s ranking in Google Local Business results work and how exactly does your keywords stay there? Easy, by using proven to work non-spam techniques like so:

Video Showing How to Rank in Google Local Business Results

Google My Business Listing is FREE and Assists Local Business Rankings in Google

If you haven’t already, then go ahead and create your free . When you do, make sure that you provide as much “unique as possible) detail as possible about your business. Furthermore, find ways to from your business customers / clients.

To Get Reviews for Your Business Listing

  1. Search for your company by name in
  2. Press on share link Share options on Google Maps
  3. Then copy the link and insert it in an email, SMS, or Facebook posts (or about us section for your Facebook Business Page, or anywhere where your customers can Write a Review)Google Review share link option

Also, to see your business listing higher in search engines like Google, include photos about your business making sure to optimize your company business photos to include cues for search engines like Google.  beyond basics blog post by RankYa details more about image optimization. That is one part of ranking in Google Local Business organic results.

Optimize Your Entire Website for Top Google Rankings

Despite what we may think about Google search engine, its actually very primitive, that means, it has to rely on certain factors when calculating relevance of web documents (including landing pages) these factors are the same for each and every website. Mainly,  what we can do from our end is that we can use keywords and categorize the website structure intelligently so that the website informs Google ranking factors

Hey Google when you analyze this Domain or any URLs on it, please do understand My Local Business Name, Address and Other specific details about my business as well as the location and services the site offers

Obviously, your contact page will naturally include these details which are specific to your local business. However, footer section can include these details throughout your entire Local Business Website.

One of the most important factors to consider here for better google local business ranking results is the site structure and the keywords sewn together with internal links

When creating external profiles (let’s say YouTube channel, then we can provide similar details about our business in our YouTube channel description and include a link back to your business site (at times change where you are linking to. For example: 1 backlink to your home page, and the next can be to your contact page, or about us page or any other different page other than your home page)).

Mobile SEO

Because local businesses and addresses are tied to Google Maps, and because people use mobile devices to search for business details, Location of a local business (whether in Google Web Search or Google Maps and search for directions) and because Google rankings will soon take in to equation mobile version of a website. Translates in to only one thing, for all types of businesses (Local, National or Global, or even eCommerce) website optimization for mobile device experience is critically important, and, should be placed in must to do list for all local businesses as well. That means, optimize your website for fast loading and mobile usage experience.

Embed Google Maps

You can and should embed Google Maps on your company website, as that will create a connection between your website (including everything on it) with your business details as found on Google Maps. Having said that, you need to consider two important factors when embedding Google Maps.

  1. Usability: perhaps Embed Google Maps only on Contact Page if that’s more appropriate for your business website to achieve its conversion objective
  2. Page Load Times: loading Google Maps on all pages will add to page load times which are also important to consider when providing improved usability

How About Facebook Business Page?

Backlinks for Higher LocalBusiness Rankings

Shows Facebook Business Page illustration above three other web page illustrations with dashed lines connecting them together highlighting the importance of backlinks

For most small business owners: you should already be using Facebook Marketing & Facebook PPC as part of your digital marketing strategy. That is why including your business details on Facebook is smart and must do, include as much business specific details on about us section, also, you will naturally share new posts on Facebook, when you do, you can follow the same techniques within posts. Include business specific details and also link to:

  • Your Website (about us page or contact us page or any other page including blog posts)
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Google Maps (directly or using the share link provided by Google)
  • Note: the new membership site has Facebook Business Page PPC marketing course

Use Structured Data to Rank Higher in Google SERP

Although its not a Google ranking factor directly, it actually is indirectly (I won’t explain how that works) as there are few different Schema Markup types you can include on your website to guide Google search engine algorithms about the type of business or organization you have. In fact, Google suggests that all website owners start using Structured Data in 2018. You can markup your site with these details

LocalBusiness Structured Data JSON-LD Example

<script type="application/ld+json"> {
"@context": "",
"@type": "LocalBusiness",
"name": "Your Business Name Goes Here",
"url": "",
"image": "",
"description": "description of your business, include cues for location",
"email": "",
"priceRange": "$$$",
"telephone": "+1-123-123-5865",
"hasMap": "",
"sameAs": [ "",
"logo": {
"@type": "ImageObject",
"url": "",
"width": 250,
"height": 180
"address": [{
"@type": "PostalAddress",
"streetAddress": "123 EnterStreet Details",
"addressLocality": "EnterCity",
"addressRegion": "EnterRegion",
"postalCode": "EnterPostCode",
"addressCountry": "Enter or change country e.g. United States"
"contactPoint" : [{
"@type" : "ContactPoint",
"telephone" : "+1-123-123-123",
"contactType" : "customer service"
"geo": {
"@type": "GeoCoordinates",
"latitude": "10.741895",
"longitude": "-13.989308"
"openingHoursSpecification": [{
"@type": "OpeningHoursSpecification",
"dayOfWeek": [
"opens": "08:30",
"closes": "17:00"
"@type": "OpeningHoursSpecification",
"dayOfWeek": [
"opens": "09:00",
"closes": "16:00"

How to Increase Google Local Business Ranking Outcome Using the New Google Search Console Performance Report

Google search console is a gold mine to quickly analyze and gain a better understanding on how Google search engine views your website. For example: Search Console Query Report shows impression count of most searched queries for your website. Match that information with the rank position of your landing pages to create your next content on your website to gain higher Google Local Business Results. Let’s simplify this process:

New Search Console Query Report

Shows the New Google Search Console Query Report, highlighting high impression count coupled with ranking position

When logged in to the New Google Search Console, select Performance Report (press on all the colorful tabs) and then while looking at Queries

  1. Identify what keywords Google is already bringing website traffic to your website
  2. Take a look at impression count (look at highest number) and
  3. Look at position rank and look at those with high position (4, 5, 6 till 9)
  4. Press on the keyword query itself (this will open up new insights)
  5. Press on PAGES to see which pages Google is valuing your website for

What this then shows you is Search Queries (keywords) and your current average rank position lingering around the middle of the page (4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th) means that somehow Google algorithms are already valuing your website for some keywords, and yet, if the impression count is High and your Click Through Rate is low. That should tell you what your next content creation should be.

At this stage you can do few things

  1. re-touch up the landing page/s shown in Google Search Console to re-optimize them
  2. add another new complimentary page and link these together
  3. change few internal links to point to these landing pages
  4. share these pages externally
  5. You can skip all these important techniques for rankings, and instead, hire RankYa expertise because then your website and Google my business listing results will skyrocket in Google Search, in Google Image Search, also in Google Maps search.

Video Tutorial for Using Google Search Console

What Else Can You Do for Higher Business Site Ranking Results in Google?

Although I covered most things which will certainly help your local business to rank higher in Google. There are different methods you can use to improve rankings in Google. For example by using different file formats such as PDF, videos or infograph to add additional value for your website visitors, and increase keyword count and internal linking by having better chunk of content. I’ve actually created a very basic sample PDF for demonstration purpose, you can download this how to rank in google local business results PDF to learn additional insights (keep an eye on the link within that PDF) because all infographs should include link/s

Google ranking tip: you can use industry specific important keywords as anchor text when linking within the Info-Graph PDF

Using Stock Images or Original Images for Top Rankings?

Just like all things new, we all love to open up a present for the first time. Same as true regarding images, you can use stock images (which you should) for most blog posts, however, regarding business specific digital assets, make sure to use original photos. In fact, best approach would always be to create original images and publish them on your site. (Most RankYa’s valued clients always enjoy original brand new images that I create using Adobe Illustrator).

Google AdWords for Your Local Business Success
AdWords Tips for PPC for Local Business

Shows illustration of internet search box and Search engine results page, highlights AdWords Extensions for Local Business

Whether you are solely relying on Google organic rankings, or other means to drive targeted website traffic, consider investing in advertising with Google AdWords for your local business if you are not doing that as of yet, because not only you can get new targeted local business customers, its actually not that expensive when you setup your AdWords campaigns thoroughly. Here are very important AdWords tips you can benefit from:

  • Brand Protect (that means, create a campaign just to protect brand related keywords)
  • Get your competitor’s customers: create a seperate campaign targeting keywords related to your competitors brand. Use outranking share target options
  • Use Location Extension
  • Use Review Extensions
  • Test Phone Call Extensions if you want your customer to call your business
  • Choose Location Targeting Options (and override default) (Location options let you include or exclude people based on where they’re likely to be physically located or the places that they’re interested in.). That means, in 99% of cases, using the targeting setting for physically located in my target location is more ideal for Local Business Community)
  • Make sure your landing pages are optimized using on page techniques as detailed on RankYa blog
  • Use localBusiness Schema markup for AdWords final URL

Categorize Content

Most Local Businesses often require higher ranking for different locations such as suburbs, county’s, cities, or even country specific keywords. And to be able to achieve top Google organic rankings, one of the best things you can do is categorize and better structure your entire website. For example: instead of having URL names like “electrician-florida.html” you could instead create a category and name it as “locations” or “areas-we-serve” and then branch out suburb location accordingly.

Then following RankYa’s On Page SEO Techniques will easily allow you to get first position rankings (within days) because ranking local intent keywords are, well, walk in the park (but not the local park, rather, Google search results).

Are there more techniques for getting higher ranking in Google results? Sure, but try these because you’ll immediately see increase in keyword rankings.

Because these are all important factors for ranking a Local Business in everything Google, follow these insights and you’ll see how your keywords will be ranked almost instantly. Got any questions or comments related to Google My Business Listing? Use the form below to leave your comment.

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