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WordPress Themes

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If you are using WordPress already, then you know its power and the availability of new themes being created almost everyday. Because WordPress gives you an option to install new themes right from your .

And you can also visit the  to explore all the available Themes. Keep in mind that there are also many other websites offering as well.

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WordPress Premium Themes

External market places also showcase themes you can purchase a license for, here’s just couple of these market places:

Free vs Premium Which One to Choose?

Well that will actually depend on what it is that your website will be about. For example, premium themes may look great with all the bells and whistles, and yet, freely available themes may be simple, however, perhaps you are thinking of creating a small business website that only requires simple features of design.

Another important aspect of choosing themes is that some of them are coded better and already search engine optimized

Regardless of your objectives, always consider choosing simpler looking themes that is focused on mobile responsiveness as well as usability over all the complicated features. Why? Because simplicity will always work better in terms of visitor interaction, and page load times will be faster for greater user experience for your website visitors and critically, simpler design can drastically improve website conversions

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