What are Rich Cards?

Structured Data and Schema Markup

The mobile search results gamer changer. Introducing Google Rich Cards feature. Rich cards are the new Google Search result format building on the success of rich snippets (today its called Rich Results Search Gallery). 

Rich results search gallery uses Structured Data markup found on your website so that Google can display content in an even more engaging and visually appealing format.

Google Rich Snippets Evolution

To understand the implication of mobile search of the future (5 billion people is the forecast) you can’t ignore importance of Structured Data. One main reason is that Rich Results occupy larger area in mobile search results. Android devices use features such as Voice Search but also features such as ‘Discover’ which mainly is a result of Google’s ability to understand website s Structured Data.

Search and the Mobile Content Ecosystem Google I/O

Video Session by RankYa Looking at Rich Cards

Basically, Search Gallery features offers smorgasbord of optimization options whereby you will be shooting your website in the footer if you do not use it for content that Google supports (more support is in the pipeline to support different data types such as How to’s Frequently Asked Questions, Questions and Answers, Videos etc.).

Structured data markup examples by RankYa

If you are using Content Management Systems like WordPress, there are many plugins which aid in inserting Schema Markup. Best way to add schema markup for Rich Results is through coding your website. Most PHP based CMS Frameworks that fuels websites will usually allow you to modify HTML code to insert Structured Data for Rich Results.

RankYa is also is Structured Data specialist you may consider hiring (whether it is to fix Search Console errors, or to fully optimize your website using Structured Data).

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