What are Google Webmaster Tools Rich Cards

What are Rich Cards?

 In Structured Data

The mobile search results gamer changer. feature. Rich cards are the new Google Search result format building on the success of rich snippets (which is now called rich results). Rich cards uses structured data markup using schema.org vocabulary to display content in an even more engaging and visually appealing format.

Google Rich Snippets Evolution
Google Rich Snippets Evolution shows three mobile device icons highlighting the Google Rich Snippets and Rich Cards

To understand the implication of mobile search of the future (5 billion people is the forecast) then here’s a video of Google history and where the search is headed in the future watch

Search and the Mobile Content Ecosystem Google I/O 2016

are the new feature whereby you will be shooting your website in the footer if you do not use it for content that Google supports (more support is in the pipeline to support different , visit the to learn more).

If you are using Content Management Systems like WordPress, then you may like to check out the video tutorials, and if you are using different CMS or Frameworks, then, most of the PHP based CMS Frameworks that fuels your site will usually allow you to modify HTML code to insert Structured Data for Rich Cards.

Video Session by RankYa Looking at Rich Cards

You also should check out the  project and perhaps start thinking about it for your website’s next major update. If you are using WordPress, then, that will allow to utilize this feature easily (requires bit more tweaks to really make it worthwhile for your website visitors).

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