Online Marketing for Beginners With Limited Budget

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Looking for proven ways to market services and products online? Explored Google PPC but found it to be too expensive? What better way is there than the internet to promote anything you can imagine and do so even if you are just starting out with limited budget. Here’s how:

Get a Website & Optimize It Early On

Surely you can promote on social media without having your own website. Even if you are a YouTuber, having your own website has many benefits because its your online temple where magic happens.

Although anyone with limited web design knowledge can easily publish a website using free platforms such as Blogger, WordPress or Google Sites, you should always have total control of your website files. That means, register your own domain and have self hosted website instead of going for quick and easy solutions (e.g. Shopify, WiX etc.).

Having your own website also means that you can bring web site traffic freely through Google or Bing search as well as build an authority in your chosen niche.

Basic example: even if you are selling household items, people search for “how to use that item” “user manuals for that item” all of which can easily be targeted and ranked in Google following RankYa SEO tutorials.

Create Videos for Online Marketing

The easiest way to promote almost anything you can imagine is video because all you really is a smartphone. YouTube is, well YouTube. Facebook also has video upload option. Meaning, some people enjoy or look specifically for visual video content.

Whether you want to market your own website, yourself, or your own products (or someone else’s products through affiliate marketing). Small business owner? Perhaps how to type of videos or guides can be considered. Here’s a video to get you started¬†ranking YouTube videos FAST.

Use Social Media Buttons on Your Website

(YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others) all of which can assist to get the word around about your business, services and products. Knowing this, make it easy for your website visitors to click and share your website content.

Content = everything on your website. Blog posts, Images, PDF’s, Videos and anything you are marketing.

Continue Publishing Content

Even if you operate an eCommerce site, even if you are affiliate marketing or a small business owner offering services. You can find ways to publish content on regular basis.

To find new ideas, simply explore Google Search Box by typing in some random keywords related to your own industry. For example: how to, where is, what is, what does, do I, how do I etc. Check out RankYa keyword research tutorials. Whatever you do, whatever niche you are in, create targeted content and link internal pages together as it will build a momentum for website traffic as well as help you get higher Google rankings.

Update Current URLs

If you already have a website but it isn’t doing well, then, there is a gold mine of opportunity on your own website right now. Did you know that you can easily update your old blog posts so that they follow RankYa Google ranking techniques. As a result, you can easily increase website traffic by investing little time and effort updating your current published web pages.

You may have heard so called SEO pexperts claim that content is king, but what they fail to realize is ‘content = everything within HTML’. That means, think of the entire web page as a single entity. Accordingly, you can easily update blog posts by including fresh, original images, videos, textual content, PDF or anything that compliments the content already on those web pages.

Analyze Google Search Console to Find New Keyword Ranking Opportunities

Use LSI Keywords Within Your Content

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) or other more complex Google ranking signals is all about how Google analyzes language looking at the keywords found within web documents (including your web pages).

Basically, to get top Google rankings you have to think like Google (think of Google like an infant child who hasn’t yet learnt to speak). Therefore, your use of target words that naturally flows within your web page communication can better train Google to understand web page content including keyWords to rank your website for.

Training Google Algorithms: when Google search crawler visits your web site and Google ranking algorithm analyses your web pages, it looks at EVERYTHING within HTML document.

Seriously, everything means everything including ALL words, comma or symbols, images, HTML source code, CSS, JavaScript code and everything else that makes up a web page before it can determine what URLs and keywords are relevant to show in search.

Knowing this, you can better train Google to understand exactly what your important keywords are without you sacrificing website conversions.

Use target keywords more so than other variations of the word, also use synonyms, single, past tense, plural and or combination of all of these. This equals better optimized landing pages for Google as well as higher conversions because you made your web copy easy to read and use. Remember “no read no conversions”.

Create Images and Optimize Them

Google is also an image search engine that can bring targeted traffic through Google image search.

There are plenty of ways for you to get FREE images online. Pixabay and Pexels offer you Free Images making Attribution an option. That means, you can easily modify those images. There are plenty of ways to share images online too. Image SEO is useful especially if your website is offering creative work such as photography, creative artist etc.

Consider investing in RankYa private courses as I reveal Google SEO trade secrets including image SEO that I promise you will not find elsewhere.

Promote Your Website and Products with Outreach Campaigns

This is one of the most common mistakes beginners make when marketing online. Especially in certain types of niches.

For example: if your target audience is a Company Manager, then, it may be unlikely for them to Search Google to find what you are offering. In such cases, don’t wait for them to find you. Be active and find them instead.

You can use targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns or the popular platform such as Linkedin to find your target audience. Whether you are a small business owner or offering products through eCommerce online retail, Social Media Marketing can be utilized to grow your business.

Participate in Online Communities

For example: for RankYa, I could answer questions in Google Webmaster Forums. You are sure to find online communities (especially Facebook Groups) where you can also share your thoughts, advice or skills all while promoting your business, services and products.

RankYa SEO Tip: if the online community website is indexable by Google, then, it may be complimentary to include a backlink pointing towards relevant web pages on your website. Caution: Do NOT participate in forums or online communities for the sake of increasing backlinks to your website, as that is against Google webmaster guidelines for links. Also stay away from SEO gimmicks or weird SEO hacks promising 10X’s Traffic to get 1k-40k free visits per day, instead follow Google guidelines and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do online.

Online Marketing for Local Business Owners

All of the above insights can be used even if you are operating a local business. Furthermore you can identify local causes, participate and contribute in local community events, find ways to get your own local business information on any local community website. Even a donation for local cause, or sharing news worthy article related to local area your business is in.

Don’t be stuck with your local service related keywords. You can create any type of content that includes locality information. For example: if these are target locations: Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, London, then, anything related to these areas will help allowing Google to associate location based keywords with your local business website. Even ‘Top 10 Places to Visit in Brisbane Australia’ would help a local laptop repair business in Brisbane.

Offer Giveaways and or Create Free Something of Value

You heard the saying ‘everyone loves free stuff’ right? But that doesn’t really work online unless you come up with creative strategies. Don’t believe me? Just check your inbox with all those FREE something spam emails.

Although you may have limited budget to market your business and products, still, consider Giveaways, Gifts or even create FREE but valuable content and give it away. Just like a Boomerang, your value add will come back spreading the word about your business.

Create Publish & Share PDF Documents

You may think creating an Informative Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) document is expensive, but it really isn’t because there are many online tools which can make your job easy. Keep in mind that Google also indexes PDF content. Whether you do it yourself or hire others, consider creating a well researched, original and useful Adobe PDF documents. Since Google also indexed various file formats including PDF documents, this will help your main keyword ranking.

RankYa Google Ranking Mastery Tip: Using Adobe Acrobat you can insert links within the PDF documents. Furthermore: you can insert additional Metadata information using Acrobat File Editor. Adobe Acrobat Document Properties

Google Page Experience SEO Tips

I saved the most important factor for last. Website Usability Improvement.

There are countless ways to improve landing pages because it is part of search engine optimization. So, without confusing you, let me share some easy to implement tips:

  • Web Fonts. Make sure the font-size is minimum 16px.
  • Work on your web forms, ask as little information as possible.
  • Use HTML5 form validation
  • Do not hide links using colors, links should be blue color.
  • Do not open links in New Tab or New Windows. If you place links on a web page, then, you do so so that visitors can visit easily.
  • Make your website as simple as possible and work on improving mobile usability for Google’s new Page Experience Update.
  • Have balanced whitespace in between HTML page elements (you can use CSS padding and margins for this).

Be persistent, test your own ways and be active when marketing your business online. Although it may take bit of time if you are just starting out, think long term, because internet is here to stay as long as humanity has the lights on. Rest assured that when you follow these insights, your online success is assured. Thanks you for learning with RankYa.

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