What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is your ability to tweak and optimize your website so that search engines like Bing Yandex and others find your content easy to understand, as a result rank higher in pages.

Can All Website Owners Do SEO?

Absolutely, regardless of the technical knowledge you may have, you can indeed optimize your website for great results. As you will learn in this SEO training course.

Can I Optimize My Own Website?

Anyone can tweak their website for best possible Google ranking results. Especially in 2016 as most Content Management Systems allow you to adjust certain web site elements such as web page titles and descriptions as well as many and  can make website optimization easy.

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Search Box and Laptop Illustration features an internet search box icon inside a laptop illustration highlighting text “Be First Get More”

Where Do I Start?

Before you embark on any optimization, you should always begin with thorough customer profiling and get acquainted with who your ideal customers are. Because, at the heart of SEO is keywords and how you will need to use them on your site “both for your website visitors and also for search engines like Google”. To download an editable PDF document I created for RankYa Fans .

FREE SEO Course Introduction Video

Now That We Know What SEO Is

As detailed in the video lesson, search engine optimization actually should start by customer research instead of . The reason for it is because you’ll write content for people as opposed to optimize your site for search engines. Understanding this truth about SEO will allow you to get top Google organic rankings as well as better .

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