Secrets to Get On The First Page of Google in 24 Hours

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The secret to GETTING YOUR SITE TO PAGE 1 WITHIN 24 HOURS is that “there are no secrets for first page Google rankings” however there are techniques which you can use to rank higher in Google very fast.

First, go and open up Google Webmaster Tools Search Console and take a look at some undeniably best SEO data you can ever look at, shown to you by .

Google Search Console Screenshot
Google Search Console Screenshot shows Search Analytics User Interface Options

Experiment with these metrics and take a special note of high impression count that Google is already ranking your site high in its organic results (perhaps note the average position 4 or higher). What this metric shows you is priceless when you want your website to get on the first page of Google in fast (usual time frame for this secret SEO method ranking result is 24 hours, seriously).

What’s Next?

Go to Google search box and start typing keywords related to the search terms you found in Search Console and identify keywords that are  made up of 3 plus long tailed keywords particularly search terms with question oriented intent as shown in this sample image below:

Search Suggestions for How to Get on the First Page of Google in 24 Hours
Shows Search Suggestions for How to Get on the First Page of Google in 24 Hours

Most people will tell you target keywords that has high amount of monthly searches, however, Google Search Console confirms the impression count (amount of searches conducted) for you to decide on which keywords you should target. Let’s do some maths to realize the importance of long tailed keywords:

This blog post I am creating for you right now is actually follows the same techniques you are learning.

RankYa’s own Google Webmaster Tools Search Console revealed search terms “how to get on the first page of google in 24 hours” was being searched and my site was lingering around position 4 and if I rank these keywords in the first position (whether within 1 day or 1 week) still equals to FREE website traffic “eternally”.

Final Step to Get Your Site to Page 1 in Google

Now all you have to do is create original and useful content targeting keywords you identified, and once you publish this new content, go and share the link on your social profiles (particularly Google Plus since Google owns that). And voila, you will get first page Google rankings usually in less than 24 hours

Remember, keyword targeting is nothing more than answering questions, regardless of the keyword being searched, people ask questions through Google search box

Video Lesson Explaining These Techniques (Go Full Screen Mode for HD Viewing)


Defined by Google: how many links to your site a user saw on Google search results, even if the link was not scrolled into view (that is why the first 3 positions in organic rankings are extremely important). However, if a user views only page 1 and the link is on page 2, the impression is not counted. The count is aggregated by site or page. With infinitely scrolling pages, such as image search, the impression might require the item to be scrolled into view.

Try these techniques and . I encourage you to share this blog post with others on your social media profiles by simply using the buttons below. Got any questions? Comment using the form now

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