Words You Need to Use for YouTube Ads in 2024

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Everything changes on internet. For example: what day is it? The question now is “for who?”. We are truly living in a global world because what day or time it is for you right now, is different for us here in Melbourne Australia.

Attention span of human beings is also changing. Glued to their smartphone screen you see everyone walking around. This also means, what worked couple of years ago for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads may not result in expected returns in 2024. Basically, as a small business owner advertising your YouTube videos or products using YouTube video ads, you want better returns on your investment. Without further ado:

Quick Tip: you can use these insights on your Facebook Ads as well. These results come from research data that evaluated millions of social media engagements.

The Words You Need to Use in 2024 YouTube Video Ads

  • you need to
  • we need to
  • need to know
  • everything you need to know
  • to know about
  • what you need
  • why you should
  • top 10
  • the future of
  • of the year
  • in N years (for example: in 10 years, in 100 years)
  • for the first
  • the first time
  • for the first time
  • at least
  • one of the
  • the end of
  • in the world
  • the power of
  • the art of
  • the truth about

Although I can’t tell you what to put in front or after of each of the words above, I’m sure you’ll be crafty enough to modify it according to your advertising needs.

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