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There are countless number of SEO tools available in today’s internet marketing scene, some are FREE, and some are simply either too complex and unaffordable for most website owners. So here are some of the search engine optimisation tools you can begin to use when optimizing your website for it to rank in Google’s organic rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Tools RankYa Uses in 2016

Here’s a Video Showing Freely Available SEO Tools

What Else is on the Market?

There are many new services and platforms that is claiming to make the SEO’s job easy, however some of these paid services such as Cognitive SEO (which I do not recommend) and others will only confuse you about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Search Engine Optimization Tools features an illustration of a wrench tool next to a website icon as well as an illustration of a search box with “SEO Tools” written inside the internet search box illustration

But if you believe that you should invest your money in SEO tools, then consider using Majestic SEO for checking for backlinks (so that you can if there are a lot of them pointing back to your website. Especially the ones shown to you in Google Webmaster Tools (links to your site feature). Keep in mind that Google doesn’t show all the backlinks data, and also, Google may be penalizing your site algorithmically due to spammy backlinks. That is why it is wise to invest in good backlink checking platforms.

Also, check out  as Adobe is really improving its services and platforms.

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  • Sneza

    Thank you for the information!

  • James Brown

    How many links are too much? How and in what sort of increments should they be like add 10 per day, 100, 1000? lol.

    • RankYa

      It depends, externally, unlimited as long as its natural backlinks, internally, its all about guiding visitors and also search engines like Google to better understand the site’s important pages

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