How to Rank in Google Maps

How to Rank in Google Maps

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Local business owner looking for how to’s for ranking higher in Google Maps today for your local business? Look no further because I am going to reveal to you techniques that will help your business be found in Google Maps Results, as well as Google web search results (because you can not have one without the other).

Improve Customer Service for Your Local Ranking on Google

Just imagine your ideal customer using their mobile device searching Google. If they can find your business quickly, that’s a great customer service (both for Google and your business) and at this moment whether their mobile device Location Services option is turned on or off, Google most likely will know their current location, then local results appear for these people who search for a business and places near their current location. Google then shows them a number of places across Maps and Search.

Let’s imagine that you are in a restaurant business, then if you search for “Italian Restaurants” using your smartphone, Google will try to show you nearby restaurants. In the image below, Google uses local results to suggest some options to the searcher.
sample google local search results for Italian restaurants

To simplify, take another look at the image above, pay special attention and notice the part where it says “All, Maps, News, Images, Videos” and you’ll notice the word ALL is underlined. That’s because at the core of Google ranking algorithms are all the same signals and ranking factors.

However, you found RankYa and now want to know the answer to this very important question “what differs when it comes to Google Maps results?”. Naturally, knowing that particular answer is the key for highest possible Google Maps rankings for various search terms which can bring great business for your local or global business. So let’s begin learning

Top 4 Methods for Ranking Higher in Google Maps
  1. Reviews and also your reply to the reviews your customer has left
  2. Having Google My Business Listing profile
  3. Fully search engine optimize your website
  4. Embed & Share Google Maps Listing

Get Ranked in Google Maps Using Reviews

Reviews are a natural part of the Internet, in fact, in the year 2021 the people power has really changed the way businesses operate. Now you the individual, or your customer who is happy and satisfied can use their smart phones to share their experiences. You as the local business owner, need to simplify the process of obtaining reviews through creating a link for customers to write reviews

How to Create a link using the PlaceID Lookup Tool

  1. Use the PlaceID Lookup Tool below.
  2. Enter your business name in the “Enter a location” field at the top of the map.
  3. Click your business name in the list that appears.
  4. Copy your Place ID, which you’ll see beneath your business name.
  5. Add your Place ID to the following URL to create your link:<place_id>
  6. Final URL will look something similar. But yours will be unique and different so don’t just copy and share this one:
  7. This link can now be shared (perhaps emails, newsletters, invoices you send out to your customers) taking them straight to Rate and Review option for your business

Keep in mind, when we say “Get & Reply back to reviews” we are not just talking about reviews on your Google My Business Listing, but rather, any other website that Google crawls and analyzes (including Facebook Business Page Reviews, Yelp Reviews etc.).

Pro Tip for Google Map Ranking: When replying back to your customer’s feedback, make sure to also include your important keywords that you want to be ranked for in Google Maps

Must Have Profile for Top Ranking in Google Map

Before the year of 2021, having a profile in Google My Business was an option and not a necessity, not any longer, today you just have to use it for getting top Google rankings in Google Local Business search results (including Google Maps ranking results as well).

How to Rank in Google Maps With Search Engine Optimization of Your Local Business Website

SEO may not be what you think it is, and it definitely isn’t placing some important keywords in the URL, Title, Meta Description, links and textual content area. Only beginners do SEO like that.

Instead, use more advanced techniques such as internal linking, intelligently using keywords, image optimization and Structured Data combining all with the ultimate aim “higher conversions and higher Google rankings”. Here’s Local Business Schema Markup example and you can also visit Google Search Gallery for more samples. Its wise to invest in hiring a professionals like RankYa to fully optimize your website for speed, advanced optimization tweaks and adding Structured Data, because then you can take advantage of other SEO techniques, for example:

"publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Google", "logo": { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "" }

Can be inserted through Article / BlogPosting Schema Markup.

At this stage you may even be confused about how to rank in Google Maps and still thinking “how does search engine optimization affect my Google Maps Listing?”

Just like Google analyzing the reviews, links and other external sources (such as Yelp Reviews), when you add your business website to GMB listing, Google ties that domain to your verified business and its online presence, particularly address signals along with everything else. And through professionally optimizing your website, you can signal Google exactly what your business is, and where its located. Ultimately, Google search engine wants to answer this “what will our customers experience when visiting A B C listing”.

Embed & Share Google Maps Listing

On your contact page of your website, and also through footer section, you can include a link or embedded Google Maps showing location of your business. As your website Grows through RankYa optimization techniques and keyword targeting, then, so will the backlinks pointing from your own website to your Google Map Listing

As you market your business on internet creating profiles and business details on external sites, you can also use the Embed & Share Google Maps Listing technique on those external sites as well. The most important element to remember about this approach is that it has to be natural and timing is very important.

That means No Quickie like hiring so called Google Local SEO Experts spamming Google with their software programs, or changing their IP locations when giving citations or fake reviews. As you know, the road to success is through hard work, and only hard work will lead to true lasting success, be it online or in life.

What Not to Do for Google Maps Rankings

  • Do not buy backlinks
  • Do not get services for Google Maps Citations
  • Do not use software for Google Maps Citations
  • Do not use services that promise to create business listings (even if they say uniquely created, manual work)
  • Do not hire SEO guru’s that promise guaranteed Google Maps Ranking results
  • Do not use the same profile over and over in external sites (although most business details will be the same (e.g. address, location, phone number, business name) it is your job to make sure that you create professional listing with unique enough details)

There is Always Better Ways to Rank in Google Maps

Local SEO for Google Maps Ranking

Shows a Map results on top of a rectangle box with arrows pointing upwards

As detailed on this latest blog post by RankYa, following these insights will definitely improve your Local Business rankings in Google Maps.

Understand that, whether its Google search results, Google Local Business results or Google Maps results, its just Google rankings because Google’s ranking algorithms combines EVERYTHING it finds about your business on internet.

2019 Video Tutorial on How to Rank a Business in Google Maps Results

The most important factor to remember when performing optimization and marketing for top Google ranking techniques, be patient and persistent marketing your business online, and do not look for quick shortcuts (since there are none). Following RankYa insights will however improve your business results online 110%

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    I happen to change the way my business name has appeared on business listings. Basically, most of the NAP is not the same in external listings. I am ranking in the top three-pack for some none competitive keywords. However, stuck in the 4th for most top keywords. I am ranking organically position 1 for these competitive keywords. Coul the different NAP be the cause? I have the local schema markup in place. Currently working on the post and page markup.

    • RankYa

      Hello Jimmy, #Google will remedy this for you as any changes made in Google My Business listing is reflected in #Google Maps listing as well. Also, yes is the answer for rankings being effected by NAP details online. Best way to approach this is to pull your sleeves up and CHANGE the details on ANY external site you have control over changing the business details (for sites you can’t change the details on (such as scrapers etc.) simply ignore them). And within short amount of time Google will also update its results for your business, as a result ranking in Google Map listing as well. Furthermore, if you are stuck on 4th position, then, you can do many things to move up rankings. Simply follow #RankYa #SEO techniques. We would also encourage you to share our videos on your own website

      • Jimmy Ombom

        Hello rankya, so I implemented what you told me above. I changed the NAPs for a few listings that I could. Corrected all the structured data errors that I was having, and started adding new content on the site regularly. I have started seeing an increase in rankings for most competitive keywords in the map pack. Thanks for the tip.

        I have another query, I realised that the theme I am using is structured data ready. Previously I was using plugins for this, but got a lot of errors. So I have removed the plugins and all errors disappeared. I guess I was adding code on top of code. If I post a new article, I get the structured data from the theme very accurate. Should I just rely on what the theme generates and not manually add other jsson-ld code in the page?

        I have seen other gurus online discouraging the reliance on theme generated markups.

        • RankYa

          Well Jimmy, that is why you take RankYa’s advise and not the other Guru’s. Meaning, yes, use the Structured Data through your Theme (that’s always better) and then IF you need to add Structured Data that your Theme doesn’t have. Then, insert JSON-LD accordingly. I’ve created a new post and videos showing Structured Data Examples test that page in Google Structured Data Tester Tool you will notice VideoObject Markup. The Theme I am using Jupiter Theme doesn’t have VideoObject Markup. So thus, I can (and should) add that manually).

  • Jason Tremewen

    Thanks guys great read will definitely give some of this a go…..

    • RankYa

      Good on ya cobbler, great to see another Aussie commenting and using RankYa Google ranking techniques, please do let us know of outcomes upon using these techniques

  • Yassine

    Do you know how to appear on the local pack on new keywords? I would like my my business page to appear on new key phrases. Thank you

    • RankYa

      Hello Yassine, yes I do. Think it like this, there isn’t a keyword that I can not rank in Google while adhering to Google guidelines. There are many techniques already shared on RankYa blog and YouTube channel how to’s. Keep in mind that the best answer I can provide is to first complete on site search engine optimization. This includes many techniques especially page load times and mobile user experience improvements. Another critical factor is to use keyword thoroughly (most importantly naturally) with internal linking. Then, its all about creating content for your new keywords for local rankings (well the fact is, rankings are just that, rankings, be it for long tailed keywords, competitive keywords or any other keyword).

      As for ranking in Google Maps in the year 2019

      Focus on Structured Data when doing on page optimization. Keep in mind that adding Structured Data isn’t just about LocalBusiness JSON-LD but rather how else you are using it throughout your website. For example: linking to your YouTube channel with sameAs property will in-return let Google better understand your online presence. When creating content (for external site shares) link back (or link out to your online presence) knowing Googlebot follows links to build ranking signals for your Local Keywords.

      Embed a Google Map on Your Website and critically, keep adding new content as often as you can. But do so create useful content focusing on website visitors instead of just Google. Once again, there are many different ways to rank in Google Map Listings and RankYa blog provides more useful insights that does NOT spam Google.

      Add Photos to your Website and to Google My Business Listing

      Most under-utilized part of Local SEO is optimizing images. This is an art that is mastered through practice. RankYa Tip for Image SEO for higher Google Map ranking outcomes: use keywords within file names that include locality information (as in suburb, city, country) and then also use them through alt attributes in images. When uploading images to ANYWHERE online (including Google My Business Listing which Google Maps rankings are tied to) use the same Google ranking strategies.

    • RankYa

      Yes, you optimize your website and continue marketing your business on internet

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