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At the heart of everything that you do on internet are “Keywords”. Without words, there is no internet. Without using the words, there is no website conversions.

For search engine optimization, no one can ignore the importance of selecting the right keywords. Before we begin, simply download the Keyword Ideas PDF document as it contains important knowledge for keyword research and targeting.

What is Keyword for SEO?

Keyword is a “word” that is directly related to your products and services, a word that will be typed in Google search engine search box when your ideal customers search for your products and services. Think of a keyword as just one single word you select as “worthwhile for you to target and use throughout your website”.

Keyword Targeting for Google Ads Compared with Organic Rankings

In terms of targeting keywords for Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) (such as Google Ad Campaigns) your approach can differ when compared to selecting keywords for SEO for organic rankings.

Remember that search engine optimizing your website will actually help your Ads PPC Campaigns quality score, but targeting keywords for PPC differs in a sense that, for Google Ads, you can select keywords, launch Ad Campaigns, and if the keywords you selected do not perform well, then you can discard those keywords just to select new ones to advertise.

Video Tutorial Showing How to Do Keyword Research

Keywords for Organic Rankings

Keywords for SEO on the other hand will require careful selection and usage. Because when you begin to optimize your website landing page for organic rankings the keywords you select and target usually will stay with you for a long time. Because unlike PPC Ads, you can’t just discard the words you created your website with, unless you are willing to change your entire website.

Also, Google has a long memory, that means, it stores information as it finds for a long time for a given website.

What are Long Tailed Keywords?

Long tailed keywords are keywords which are greater than 1 (single) word, for example:

  • Keyword (this is a single keyword, and thus not a long tailed keyword)
  • Keyword Research (this is a long tailed keyword as its made up of 2 words)
  • How to Do Keyword Research for SEO (this also is considered a long tailed keyword. Any word that is greater than 1 is called a long tailed keyword)

Google’s Related Searchers are Long Tailed Keywords

long tailed keyword research how to

As shown in the image above, all these are long tailed keywords, and they are absolutely a must to target for easy and quick organic rankings. In fact, even for ranking competitive keywords, you must select, target and rank long tailed keywords. They are gold mine for the success of your business website.

Different Methods for Conducting a Keyword Research

Let us imagine that your products are related to Online SEO Course, and you want to rank these keywords in Google. Then, begin with taking screenshots of Google Search Box ideas. Type, a, b, c, how, what type of words around your industry specific keywords. Then, head out to Google Keyword Planner Tool and combine results from your Google Search Box experimentation with Keywords Google Ads Keyword Planner results.

Your website must cater for different search pattern when you select and then use keywords throughout your website. Remember, keyword targeting is nothing more than answering questions

Words are the Only True Currency on Internet

Keywords are the beating heart of everything that you do online, that is why keyword research process is critical and deserves your utmost attention and detail. Because your ideal customers will type words in search engines to find your website, and yet, you will need to use the right words for best possible website conversions as well.

Where to Place Keywords

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