SEO Tutorial 2021 - Search Engine Optimization Lesson by RankYa

SEO Tutorial 2021 – Search Engine Optimization Lesson by RankYa


In terms of Google rankings, there are many different strategies one can employ. Google guidelines have not changed over the years (even in the year of 2021) what Google wants is the same. At its core, there are 3 components to getting higher Google rankings. But ultimately, the main goal for your business website is conversions.

  1. Content
  2. Website Optimization
  3. Backlinks

All of the above is done so for one ultimate goal “higher conversions”. That means, your focus of attention must be geared towards that. It isn’t a matter of creating new content, it isn’t about getting backlinks or even search engine optimizing a website. Its all about Higher Conversions. As a result, everything you do to market online must begin with

  • How can I get better conversions
  • What can I do to get it

Because now, if I was to create that useful content for those looking for help with SEO tutorial 2021, then it will become the target keyword which will be searched and found through Google. Therefore, I must first begin with creating engaging and useful content like this:

Content is the Heart of Search Engine Optimization Even in 2021

This is every single piece of digital information put on a website. Including keywords, images, videos, pdf’s, documents or anything else you put on a site. Without great piece of content, even if you write 1500 word article (as some so called SEO guru’s working in their pajama’s suggest) does not mean Jack S#!t.

That means focus all your efforts to create engaging and useful content. Beginning with targeting long tailed keywords.

create content for people not google

Website Optimization in 2021 is Bit Different

This is tricky as it has 2 main components, one being On Page Optimization telling search engines like Google what the page is all about. And the other more Technical SEO which requires an expert to implement. But as long as you do the On Page SEO right, you’ll still be light years ahead from the competition. On page optimization can easily be done by anyone like this:

URL Naming

Think of a real user of your website. When they just look at the URL name, can they understand what the webpage is about? Because if they can, so can Google. In this instance, I’ve named the URL SEO-Tutorial-2021 each word separated with hyphens.


Each web page should have a HTML title element. Here’s an example

<title>A Recipe for Maple Syrup Flap-Jack</title>

Meta Description

Simply describe the web page contents. As in what the reader will find when they visit the page.

SEO Tutorial 2021 - Search Engine Optimization Lesson by RankYa. Learn about how to SEO to get higher Google rankings in 2021

For most websites including WordPress built sites, you’ll need to use SEO Plugin to include meta description. Keep it short around 150 characters is good enough.

Keywords Within Content Area

Google analyzes everything on a URL source code, but critically, it relies heavily on WORDS it finds. Because Google search engine indexes WORDS and shows search results according to the search query (which obviously is word/s)

Naturally, whatever web page you create will use words that are important for your business. Having said that, its always smart to gather group of keywords to target for Google rankings. Because when doing any type of keyword research, you’ll have thousands of words you’d like to rank. But your resources won’t allow to target and rank all of them.

Meaning, always group keywords together and create content according to those words to begin with. For example: ranking for the keyword ‘SEO’ would not make sense IF I was offering SEO Services. Because the intent behind the words is what you target.

Example: let’s imagine that you operate a local business, then location information would be very important. That means, you can and should target Locations and create parent / child pages. will be much better than just because people will definitely be searching for “pest control service in Hamilton”. Therefore, you can create content using location keywords on that web page making it easier to rank in Google.

RankYa Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for 2021

Date based keyword targeting is a great way to get top Google rankings FAST. Furthermore: anticipating search queries will really set your business website apart from competition. For example: although this blog post is published before the year 2021. Even if there is 0 traffic right now makes no difference because when 2021 comes around and website owners begin searching for these terms. Then, at least RankYa website has useful content ready while other SEO specialists have to play the catch up game.

rectangle box with search icon

Image File Names

Understand the fact that Google is also an image search engine. That means, it can analyze the image including file names. If images on your website is about “ASUS laptop” then naming the image as asus-laptop.jpg is much better than 349872.jpg

Image Alt attributes

alt=”this is you where further extend the meaning of the image”

Years ago, I’ve created a video for advanced image optimization by RankYa and have seen many other YouTube videos about image optimization which basically has gotten knowledge from my videos about image SEO.

What I said was “think of a blind citizen and write the alt attribute as if you are describing the image to that person”. I was trying to simplify image optimization because its better to make things easy to understand like this

alt=”shows blue color of ABC model of ASUS Laptop”

In return, since Google also mimics what the real human will experience on a site, by just adding alt attribute to images, you made everyone’s job easier. Furthermore: text within image alt attribute is indexable by Google. That means, when ranking algorithms calculates your website’s position, it will consider alt attributes as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2021 Video Tutorial

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Tags

Headings communicate the organization of the content on the page. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 are called heading tags. As far as Google ranking is concerned, heading has an important weight.

Because headings extend the meaning of other headings. Think of large piece of content (let’s say 500 words blog post) written in just one chunk. This wouldn’t be smart. Instead, work out break points and place content under in heading tags. Think of a chapter in a book.

Although you can have multiple h1 per URL, its not advisable to use more than one h1 tag especially in todays’ mobile first index world.

Remember, when breaking content in to heading sections. Its smart SEO technique to include target keywords, but make sure they blend naturally instead of repeating keywords. RankYa SEO Tip: learn to use synonyms in headings.

Internal Linking – Must Know SEO Mastery Techniques by RankYa

Understand the area where you fight your battles. Its called the INTERNET. As the name suggests, its inter-connected-networks which is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities.

As you can see, your website ‘your domain’ is within that network providing information ‘your web page’.

Knowing this, you now have a weapon to fight a winning battle. Because Google follows links to find webpages. While doing so, it analyzes words used in that link.

A link has two ends — called anchors — and a direction. The link starts at the “source” anchor and points to the “destination” anchor, which may be any Web resource (e.g., an image, a video clip, a sound bite, a program, an HTML document, an element within an HTML document, etc.).

Let’s imagine that a web page I wanted to link to was about

How to Use Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

By just looking at the text without clicking on that link, can you guess what the web page on the other side of that link will talk about?

That’s how you use words when you internal link. As in, link word/s to your money making web pages you want to rank higher in Google. Right now, stop reading further because I really want you to re-read this sentence (its critical part of on page SEO). Below is what a link is made of in HTML (study it well when you want top Google rankings).

<a href=”” title=”How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin”>How to Use Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin</a>

You can also include title attribute for links title=”describe what is on the other side of the link”

Critically, you can and must change word/s for the same web page you are linking towards. For example: if I wanted to create another link towards that web page

How to Master Using Yoast SEO Plugin

I could have just used 1 word in anchor text. Which also is perfectly fine. Basically, as the internal link count grows towards a particular web page, then, naturally the word/s will also change when internal linking.

Technical Side of Search Engine Optimization in 2021

Second part of SEO is technical. This is where you can go deeper and begin tweaking the structure of your website. Send different signals through <head> section of a web page. Also use .htaccess file optimization. Add structured data to take advantage of rich results. Speed up the page load times are all part of technical search engine optimization.

What people want today in 2021 is faster loading page times and also different user experience because they use SmartPhone and Tablets to access the internet. As a result, your website must cater for this demand. Basically, optimize your website to be responsive and geared towards mobile device usage optimization.


These are links pointing towards your website (and webpages) from other websites. Although there is countless ways to get backlinks, it has to be done naturally. But since you now know the absolute criticalness of creating great useful content. Its easier for you to get backlinks. You can share your own content on your social profiles as well as use share buttons on your site, also ask your website visitors and followers to share your content (this can also include family and friends) on their social profiles (or their blogs/or/websites if they have them).

RankYa SEO Mastery Trade Secret Using YouTube Videos

As an SEO, you must remember this number 150. This is the magic number of character count to remember when sharing content on social profiles. Make sure to include a backlink within 150 characters (including YouTube video description).

RankYa mastery tip: any video promoted on YouTube can and should include a link within 150 character space. Like this

SEO Tutorial for Beginners video lesson focuses of core search engine optimization for a beginner.

In that video description, I’ve linked BACK to the video itself. What will then happen is that anytime that particular video is shared, it will get a natural backlink automatically to the video itself. Natural backlink done using RankYa Google ranking mastery. Smart ha? ReVisit RankYa blog often as there are other many RankYa mastery techniques that will skyrocket your Google keyword rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide by Google

If you own, manage, monetize, or promote online content via Google Search, you can use this SEO insights by Google. At the end of the day, remember always, Google has guidelines to follow and always double check with Google’s guidelines before using some SEO techniques. This is because, there are countless amount of so called SEO guru’s who spam Google and sell that as a service to business owners.

Be Ready for 2021 with this SEO Video Lesson

If you are still here reading this, then, it proves positive that you are on the way to great success in life (not just online). I say this because you understand the value of learning and making effort to learn more.

What better way to make things happen today. Gain the know how shared through experience. Subscribe to RankYa YouTube channel to learn better ways to rank in Google. Get the results you deserve easily. Thank you for sharing this blog post.

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