SEO Tips 2023

SEO Tips 2023

With all the new changes such as Google Page Experience update, Core Web Vitals, mobile first index amongst others, you need to approach Search Engine Optimization differently in 2023 compared to previous years.

In this blog post, I am going to share insights and tips for latest SEO methods for 2023.

SEO is NOT What You Think

Let’s get this fact about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just because there are countless SEO related websites out there, doesn’t mean their confused, rewashed and outdated SEO techniques is what you should follow when you want top Google rankings.

There are two ways to approach your website optimization, you can download the latest 2023 SEO PDF for quick tips and reference, and then understand this:

SEO is Just Bad

Seriously, if you focus on SEO as taught by others, then, I am afraid that you need to unlearn what you think you know about SEO. Simply shift your consciousness to a better level.

Each business website is different, that means, if you focus on keywords here backlinks there and not have in place content creation strategy, then, nothing will help grow a business online. For some businesses, Google Ads or Facebook Marketing may be ideal as opposed to just SEO.

Think of SEO as Website Optimization

Since the early times of content creation and sharing my passion about website optimization and digital marketing, I have always said these important facts:

  • Understand and Follow Google Guidelines (Webmaster Guidelines, Content, Quality, Linking and Structured Data Guidelines)
  • There is NO such thing as search engine optimization
  • You can only optimize a website, therefore, SEO = Website Optimization + targeted content creation

Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips for 2023

  • Mobile usability
  • Structured Data
  • Quality Content

Create Highest Quality Content

If you only new the amount of content placed online, you’ll need more than a calculator to say that number. So here’s what will happen in 2023 moving forward. Google will shake its index. It is already doing it by not indexing many URLs which it deems not of quality (just look at your website Search Console reports if you verified your website to use Search Console).

That does make sense because why should Google spend money storing the information in its database when it currently already has the quality content it can show its searchers. What’s worse is the fact, whichever URLs a website has already in Google index may also be de-indexed due to not adhering to latest Google guidelines.

That means, you have to think about your entire website as one entity in 2023. And thus, content then means everything that makes that website up. Including text, images, videos, HTML code, CSS code, JavaScript code, web forms, navigation menu etc. Basically, now is a great time to update your entire website if it is not meeting Google’s quality guidelines. Invest in professional web development and professional content creation.

Today, what Google wants is highest quality content. This includes original useful content, detailed content, brand new original images (instead of stock images), useful and interesting video content.

2023 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Most small business owners find it difficult to attract website traffic because of online competition and Google Ads being too expensive. Also, most small business owners with limited resources hire cheap SEO services thinking they must know how to do things to get top Google rankings. But truth of the matter is, these cheap SEOs usually damage the business’s online presence using spammy content and backlinks. That means, avoid at all cost hiring Search Engine Optimizers who aren’t familiar with Google guidelines.

Basically anytime you see SEO service offering you this: 100’s of Backlinks. Guest Posting. Web 2.0 Links. High Authority Backlinks. Google Map Citation. Dofollow Links etc. Because it is clearly spam and against Google’s Link guidelines. That means, instead of getting higher Google rankings, your website will eventually get penalized by Google due to backlink spam.

SEO Tips for Local Businesses

Surely, ranking in top Google position for Location based searches is great for any local business. And yet, what about building authority by targeting question oriented search patterns? Since most local businesses target “city / suburb” related keywords, then, make certain that each of the URLs you create for your services are original and unique.

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a must to use in 2023. When you do, the blog posts you create on your local business website can be shared as “updates” on your Google Business Profile. SEO Tip I can share here for you is to also include location based information anytime you reply to a review or on your profile updates. This will take bit of practice to perfect, but nonetheless is important to get Top Google Rankings.

Use Structured Data for Local Business or an Organization. You can add Logo, address, opening hours information as well as other Schema Markup properties. Google in 2023 is advanced enough and thus recognises even more Structured Data data types which you can explore in Search Gallery. You can explore Search Console Enhancement Reports to learn more.

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