How to Rank Keywords in Google

How to Rank Keywords in Google

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There are many ways to rank keywords in Google search engine, and I have covered most useful keyword research and ranking strategies on various blog posts and videos. However, in today’s SEO insight and keyword ranking treat, I’m going to reveal something most website owners aren’t even aware of, perhaps you aren’t as well.

Keyword Selection and Targeting

Now, if you know anything about search engine optimization, then, you know how to use  (if not, here’s a blog post that explains ). But what you may not know is the critical online success factor (including organic Google rankings) called ‘indirect keyword targeting’.

What is Indirect Keyword Targeting?

Indirect keyword targeting is identifying search terms that are likely to be asked through search engines, keywords that aren’t your main root keywords but rather are indirectly related to your products and services. For example:

Lets imagine that you are offering car rentals in a holiday island Hawaii (this is the case for one of my valued clients niche “car rentals”). Now web site optimization for keywords such as car rental COUNTRY etc. seems like a great idea to bring in targeted website traffic through Google rankings.

However, what if the holiday makers from UK are looking for information related to “car seat laws for babies in Hawaii” because they are

Sample Search Terms for Indirect Keyword Targeting
Shows Sample Search Terms for Indirect Keyword Targeting

Another Example of Indirect Keyword Targeting

Let me provide another example to demonstrate the importance of indirect keyword targeting. Let’s imagine that you are offering wedding photography services. And the bride to be maybe exploring great landmarks or nearby parks for “wedding photography locations SUBURB”

Sample Keyword Search Terms in Google Search Engine
Shows Sample Keyword Search Terms in Google Search Engine

Or if you a have service repair business for “air conditioning BRAND” then, why not provide manuals for the products you are selling?

Sample Keyword Search Terms in Google Search Engine
Shows Sample Keyword Search Terms in Google Search Engine

Because your potential customers are looking for this information. Help them become your valued customers (its easy online).

How to Rank Keywords in Google

Techniques for ranking your keywords (whether, competitive root keywords, long tail keywords or indirectly related keywords) needs to follow . Basically, to be able to achieve long term online success and first position keyword rankings, you have to be able to answer the search terms you are targeting as well as guiding Google to better crawl and understand your website content.

Grow Your Online Business With Indirect Keyword Ranking

You see? It really doesn’t matter which industry your website and online business is competing in, there are many keywords which you can select, optimize your web site for, and rank keywords in Google easily.

Because these indirectly related keywords must be part of your online business growth since your ideal customers are asking these questions online, and if you are not answering them on your website, then, you are missing out on targeted website traffic, furthermore, you maybe helping your competitors to out perform your website in Google.

Its time for your website to outrank them all, start by identifying related keywords and create content accordingly. Enjoyed this blog post? Share it on your favorite social profile by pressing on any of the social buttons below so that others can also learn with RankYa search engine optimization specialist.

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    I hadn’t thought of indirect keywords before I looked more deeply into how to improve my website rank and search results position. I can think of a few ways to utilise it effectively. Thank you for the insight.

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    Thanks for sharing this piece of information. I have to search for this information now I have stopped searching apply your methods on my blog and keywords you have saved my time thank you so much

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