How to Get On the First Page of Google

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You want it, I want it, your competitors want it, in fact, every website owner on the planet wants to be in first page of Google search engine. Because that’s where action happens, by being first on Google you can make your fortunes.

But there are only 10 organic results Google brings for each search term conducted, so how can you make sure that it is your website Google shows in that first page? Preferably in the first organic ranking position, here is:

How You Can Be First on Google Search Results for FREE

You can rank in Google’s first page (at times in just 24 hours) if you learn how to select keywords and create content around these keywords. The process is easy once you learn how people search Google. The process to follow is:

Use Google Search Box and find keywords that are made of 3 or more words, particularly question oriented long tailed keywords. long tailed keyword research how to

Related Search Terms Provides Additional Keyword Ranking Opportunities

When you begin to use keywords found in (people also ask, or related search terms on desktop device search results), you can get higher Google rankings not just for the initial keywords you are targeting, but for others as well. This will obviously allow you to get on first page of Google for diverse set of keywords and not just the ones you initially targeted (as in main keywords).

Landing Page Optimization Simplified

Now all you now have to do is create your web pages according to the initial keywords you have selected. Basically, think of each keyword/s you are targeting as “Questions” people are asking search engines. And your job as the website owner is to “Answer” their questions on your web pages. How to SEO for Beginners PDF

Study the PDF contents well and make them part of your web page optimization knowledge. Because before long, your web pages can be first on Google for free without paying. In fact, you can get top rankings almost instantly (usually within 24 hours), or as soon as Google becomes aware of your new landing pages that are fully optimized.

Get On the First Page of Google Through Google Ads (Paid Version)

You can pay Google Ads for Pay Per Click Advertising. Google Ads can allow you to target keywords and advertise them to be shown in Google search results as well as in Google’s global network.

However, SEO for organic rankings should be part of your online success for long term results. Because once you achieve first position rankings, it will usually stay there on the first page all the time (especially when you use RankYa Search Engine Optimization techniques).

Here’s a Video Tutorial That Explains How to Rank in Google

As you can see in the video lesson above, SEO doesn’t need to be complicated and if you fully optimize your site, you can achieve great Google ranking results. In fact, when done correctly, you can usually within 24 hours rank in Google

Use Google Search Console for Content Creation

You can analyze performance report in Search Console and find out which keywords and landing pages are already ranking high in Google. Then, create content that compliments those keywords google is already valuing your website for.

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  1. Getting on top of Google is still easy but much will depend on the keywords you select, the more competitive requires different approaches but all is doable for achieving top organic Google rankings in Google Mobile First index world.

  2. With a minimum effort, sending these accurate daily signals to Google search engine does help get higher rank in search. Thank you for sharing RankYa

    1. Yes, RankYa has plenty tips and tricks. Here’s on for getting on Google first page quickly (and with less work). Identify which Keywords and URL’s Google is already ranking your website for (Google Search Console is a great tool for this). Then, just RE-Optimize that URL. Focus on On Page SEO as detailed by RankYa (its on this blog). Then, insert a new image (if appropriate). Add more textual content. Insert couple of new

    1. You are welcomed Yassine, I am glad that you’ve benefited from this Tutorial on ranking in Google first page, there are others on RankYa Blog as well as the new membership site

    1. Thanks Syed, keep up the great work and continue learning from RankYa experience and you’ll easily get to the top of Google search engine

    1. Glad to hear it mate, and remember that with RankYa you’ll always get top Google rankings without paying (all according to Google Guidelines)

  3. Your Article on how to get first page Google ranking is amazing, I’ve used these Google ranking techniques on My website and I am Getting real results using your SEO techniques. Keep up the great work

  4. This article has been very helpful to me as a newbie. I will follow the rules and if successful, i will come back here to say thanks.

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