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Major search engines now understand Structured Data, and popular sites like Ebay are using it to take advantage of the latest technology features whereby Google search engine shows your website results using Structured Data found on your site.

That is what Search Console in Webmaster Tools is all about. Showing you how Google search engine sees your site, and how if any, there are any errors with Structured Data markup.

Shows Screenshot of Google Search Console UI
Shows screenshot of Google Search Console User Interface for website's Structured Data Items

Basically, if you do not see any Items for your verified property, then don’t worry too much about it as you can also insert Schema Markup at any stage of website optimization. However, if there are Items with Errors then obviously this should be fixed because you don’t want Google to encounter any errors with your site regarding Structured Data (visit the help section to learn )

Google Search Console Structured Data Related Video

Future of Search and Schema Markup

Structured Data Markup is here to stay, because its semantically better and easier for Search Engines to understand web content. Improvements in search results content delivery for mobile device users are becoming more important by the day as our world is connected through internet.

And just like you and I trying to improve our websites usability and engagement, search engines like Google is also trying to do the same thing to stay competitive in an ever competitive search market. At the end of the day, it isn’t a question of, if your website should be using Structured Data Markup, but why hasn’t so far. There are on RankYa YouTube channel about Structured Data

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