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Latest Google Algorithm update (announced Thursday, May 28, 2020) and gradually rolling out to all users globally from mid-June 2021 and completely becomes in affect by end of August 2021 called Page Experience Update includes set of signals (Core Web Vitals, HTTPS, Mobile Friendliness, Safe-browsing, and interstitials) built upon current Google ranking factors.

Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Optimization Core Concepts Video Lesson by RankYa

Main Areas for Google Page Experience Algorithm Change

Page Experience Signals

Core Web Vitals

The page provides a good user experience, focusing on the aspects of loading, interactivity, and visual stability:

Here are some tools that can help you measure and monitor Core Web Vitals.


The page is mobile-friendly. Check if your page is mobile-friendly with the Mobile-Friendly Test.


The page doesn’t contain malicious (for example, malware) or deceptive (for example, social engineering) content. Check to see if your site has any safe-browsing issues with the Security Issues report.


The page is served over HTTPS. Check if your site’s connection is secure. If the page isn’t served over HTTPS, learn how to secure your site with HTTPS.

No intrusive interstitials

The content on the page is easily accessible to the user. Learn how interstitials can make content less accessible.

Ingredients of a Great Page Experience

Fast: all web page elements loads fast and also responds quickly to user interactions (click scroll touch).

Integrated: fully responsive and immersive across all devices. Web pages that just works as intended whether the user is visiting the web page using a Desktop, Laptop, iPad, or iPhone or any Android smartphone using the full capabilities of a given device (e.g. saved information auto fill on mobile devices, text or buttons resizes to viewport regardless of the device used, web forms easy to navigate through and fill) to create an enjoyable experience across all devices.

Reliable: is when interactions are smooth, load instantly and reliably regardless of an uncertain network conditions. Network and internet connection speeds at times change, and if a user interacts with web page elements requiring too many HTTP requests with high network latency roundtrips, the user will have a bad user experience due to prolonged wait times when interacting. Page experience optimization ensures better reliability.

Engaging: users find what they are looking for (professional SEO is also part Page Experience Optimization) while experiencing the website and its content in a pleasant manner so that they keep coming back to the website or an app that has provided beautifully designed experiences that look stunning and feel natural.

Google Page Experience Optimization

Optimizing for page experience can be thought of having 2 distinct areas. First part is usually already in place on almost all websites (such as your website is most likely using HTTPS, it does not having popups or intrusive interstitials, and your site does not contain viruses and malware, and is mobile friendly on all different devices).

The second part however requires bit more in depth knowledge about website optimization because although you can use SEO and page speed improvement plugins to speed up a website. Page Experience is more than that as the name suggests, Page Experience is how your website provides fast, engaging and smooth user experience across devices.

So how do you optimize a website? You really should re-evaluate your website functionality and identify optimization opportunities because plugins may compress minify or cache your website and its content, however, they can not optimize your website for Page Experience. For example: your theme may be a premium Shopify or WordPress theme with half of its code not really used on your particular website. When this is the case, then, you can identify and remove many SCRIPTS and CSS code that is not needed on your website.

Whether you use WordPress CMS or Shopify, WiX, or even Google’s Blogger re-evaluate your entire website functionality because only then you can thoroughly optimize it (search engine optimization, conversion optimization, usability optimization) are what web vitals and latest Google page experience update requires.

Core Web Vitals 2021

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