How to Rank for a Keyword Fast

Have you been looking for ways to rank your keywords FAST? If so stick with me because I’m going to show you how you can do just that, FAST. But before I do, I just wanted to let you know why this particular blog post on “how to rank for a keyword fast” came about. I was searching for some keywords to rank quickly in Google, then I came upon many irrelevant sites in Google search results trying to answer this question.

So I decided to simplify the whole process and instead create this blog post that actually answered website owners. When thinking about keywords in Google, all you have to first do is, identify keywords related to your industry by conducting thorough keyword research. Once you identify some keywords to target, then simply know that to rank keywords quickly all you have to do is provide relevant content while using your target keywords on your landing pages.

Be First in Organic Search Results

Procedures for Fast Google Rankings

  • You can rank keywords per your web page
  • You can rank keywords through your blog

All of your keyword insertion should be focused on elements being in place to see timely ranking results, what that means is, once you complete creating your web copy communicating your products and services, then on page SEO has to be done by having your keywords in the right places to guide Google to understand your web page content. Simply pause a second and take a closer look at the simplicity of getting all of your on page ranking factors in place as shown in this image below:

How to Search Engine Optimize Web Pages

Get Ranking for Your Keywords Quickly

Now if you study the image contents above, then you will see that placing keywords to rank for on important HTML elements are important for Google to understand what the web page it is ranking should be ranked for. Make sense?

How About Rankings for Highly Competitive Keywords?

Because Google search engine follows links to further analyze and rank keywords, if your target keywords are highly competitive, then, you will require to content market externally. And within that content you market (whether social media marketing, guest post, or PDF document or anything else you can market for your niche) you will need to include a backlink to your pages (or blog posts) and in the anchor text include your keywords (make sure that for each , you diversify your anchor text).

Here’s a Video by RankYa That Explains How to

As you can see, SEO and keyword rankings are so simple when you have someone who explains and simplifies the whole process of keyword rankings. If you found this blog post useful, then share it on your social profiles.

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