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Have you been looking for ways to rank your keywords FAST? If so when thinking about ranking keywords in Google, all you have to do is, first identify keywords related to your industry by conducting thorough keyword research. Once you identify some keywords to target, then simply know that to rank keywords quickly, all you then have to do is provide relevant content while using your target keywords on your landing pages.

To be able to get fastest possible ranking results, you have to analyze Google Search Console Performance reports and find out which keywords your website is already ranking high in Google for.

Then, identify long tailed keywords and target them first. Remember, although you could get many backlink and perhaps even see overnight keyword rankings, you should at all costs avoid using SEO techniques that are against google guidelines.

Procedures for Fast Google Rankings

  • You can rank keywords per your web page
  • You can rank keywords through your blog
  • You can rank long tailed keywords quicker
  • You can then use those web pages you ranked long tailed keywords on to rank your money making pages
  • There are no other ways for Google rankings

Create Content for People and NOT Search Engines

Once you have your visitors best interest at heart, and created that useful content. Next step for fast rankings is through using keyword insertion which should be focused on on page search engine optimization elements being in place to see timely ranking results.

What that means is, once you complete creating your web copy communicating your products and services, then on page SEO has to be done by having your keywords in the right places to guide Google to understand your web page content. Simply, take a closer look at the simplicity of getting all of your on page ranking factors in place as shown in this image below:

on page seo simplified for search engine optimization

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Get Ranking for Your Keywords Quickly

Now, if you study the image contents above, then you will see that placing keywords to rank for, on important HTML elements are important for Google to understand what the web page it is analyzing should be ranked for. Make sense?

How About Rankings for Highly Competitive Keywords?

Because Google search engine follows links to further analyze and rank keywords, if your target keywords are highly competitive, then, you will require to content market externally. And within that content you market (whether social media marketing, guest post, or PDF document or anything else you can market for your niche) you will need to include a backlink to your pages (or blog posts) and in the anchor text include your keywords (make sure that for each backlink, you diversify your anchor text).

As you can see, SEO and keyword rankings are so simple when you have someone who explains and simplifies the whole process of keyword rankings. For more advanced how to’s by Rankya, simply share this blog post with other website owners.

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  1. SEO is a rapid paced and vigorous field. It can as well sometimes be annoying, particularly if you’re depending on obsolete strategies that are no longer of any use. That’s why it’s critical for you to stay knowledgeable and learn uninterruptedly.

    1. Here’s something others can not teach regarding Search Engine Optimization and how to rank keywords quickly for WordPress built sites. Since comments are great part of WordPress, there are many spammers who think to spam website commenting system automatically. Hence we need to moderate comments. There are many comment moderation plugins for WordPress.

  2. Ranking for a keyword in organic search is a repeatable process. You won’t get the results you want 100% of the time, especially if you’re a new website trying to rank for a popular keyword, but if you take content marketing and SEO seriously, you can start to make things happen.

    Step 1: Lay the Groundwork
    Step 2: Do Your Initial Keyword Research
    Step 3: Check Out the Competition
    Step 4: Consider Intent
    Step 5: Conceptualize the Content
    Step 6: Execute
    Step 7: Optimize for Your Keyword
    Step 8: Publish
    Step 9: Promote
    Step 10: Analyze

    1. Great to hear another website owner getting higher Google ranking results for ranking keywords. New videos are being uploaded which will show advanced SEO techniques as well

  3. Very Useful Article for ranking in Google fast, I’ve used these techniques on seeing great results already. There are 100% free Search Engine Optimization tools and information for higher Bing and Google rankings on internet, however, your article explains it thoroughly. Do you have other blog posts related to How to Rank for a Keywords quickly?

  4. Hi ! Very interesting and to the point answer but can u please tell me, how can I get my primary keywords ranking shortly though I am doing regular blog-posting, sharing, link building within my most relevant category but still my keywords on 154th position of Google. And I am not getting an answer here can u please tell me … what should I do for Primary Keywords?

    1. I am glad you’ve found this ranking keywords quickly related blog post informative, thanks for sharing with your friends and other website owners looking to rank for a keyword fast

  5. I focus only on first page, but the first page keywords, keep on dancing. First day, SEMRUSH showed rank 8, next day at 10, third day at 8 and 4th day again at 10th position. Though, I didn’t even make any changes to my page. What could be the reason? How to make it constant atleast for 3-4 months?

    1. Don’t waste your time using software programs to check your rankings, the only tool you should be focusing on is Google Search Console Search Analytics and also, checking the results in Google will influence impression to CTR so its best to focus on content creation (and if you must, do so check it perhaps once a week) till you are satisfied

  6. How much time it generally takes for ranking a specific keywords. Does it get ranked instantly or it takes hours to days.
    Thanks & Regards!

    1. Hello Karan, ranking in #Google will depend on “which keywords” for the sites that Google knows of, and also the content on it. However, if our content is found on other sites, then Google will rank that site over ours. Now if you own and operate the other site, then surely you can place the same content on other sites you own, however, only the canonical URL will rank in Google. Learn more here about Consolidate duplicate URLs

  7. Great Article.I am doing SEO for a website which wants for rank for 10 given keywords.Have tried many off page techniques but its not working.What other strategies can i use.

    1. This usually suggest that you are focused only on those 10 keywords, thus, you need to make sure that you use variations of the keywords as well as synonyms to start with, then, its content creation through long tailed keyword targeting which you will need to begin to find ways to share that content. #RankYa #SEO has the full course on SEO so make sure you do all this properly on the site

  8. Really enjoyed the content you have here. I did a search on “how to rank fast” and you were number 1 so here I am! I will be checking back in the future for more content. Thanks again.

  9. Your are the SEO guru, thanks Rankya, Seeya , oh, and btw, what is your opinion of google map ranking

    1. Thank you Kevin for providing your feedback, as for Google Map Ranking, I encourage you to not focus your attention to only certain parts of Google, like Google Maps, Local SEO etc. But if you are keen, then, you can consider content creation in such way that, your business details are prominently mentioned. For example “blog post, or infograph” can be created answering vast type of questions your ideal customers may be searching. We are talking beyond NAP type of information. Today, structured data is important to consider as well.

      Let’s imagine party rental niche as an example. Then, *party rentals Kansas city (experiment with Google search box), then, create the content, and share it on your social profiles, or ask current clients, or web site visitors to do so (perhaps give incentives to do so) and mention your business details (as well as address) prominently (perhaps towards the end of blog post, or infographs etc.) and the more people share these type of content, better it will be for Google rankings.

      Also, consider including a links within PDF’s because Google can index PDF’s as well. That means, over time the backlink count will compound and you are in total control as to where those link point to

  10. We use many keywords when we write articles. Keyword ranking is an important factor if we want to get more visitors. I was not conscious about keyword ranking but your article shows me how to do better by keyword ranking. Thanks for sharing.

    1. These insights coupled with RankYa Plugins can really make you rank keywords within days if you follow RankYa #SEO insights found on RankYa SEO and Online Marketing Blog. Thanks for the comment Sahadath

  11. Hello rankya. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for the info although I think ranking a blog post is not always that easy. But the info you gave was good. Thanks

    1. Hi Errol, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Blogging is important as you know, and ranking them will actually depend on your chosen industry competitiveness. However, since we are in the month of January 2016, experiment with Google search box and if your industry has Year based keywords searched, then these are great to quickly rank in Google.

      Also, keep in mind that you can and should use blogging as part of increasing your internal linking to better guide Google to understand important pages on your site (you can confidently use precise anchor text for internal linking). Couple that with images that are optimized according to the Blog Post subject basically will help you achieve faster Google organic ranking results. I would appreciate your comments on other posts as well. Till next time

  12. Well, that was informative. Well, I was wondering if I should place my keywords in the first paragraph or the last?
    I have heard that the last paragraph is also considered by search engines, leaving only the 2nd.

    1. You can place your keywords anywhere if its appropriate to do so, but higher the content (including keywords) within a given web page, better its weight in terms of Google rankings.

  13. Hi Alisha, the answer to your question is, yes, absolutely you can remove any backlinks (whether follow or no-follow) from any website you have control over.

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