How to Local Business SEO

rank higher with Local SEO Search Engine Optimization

The title here may sound bit odd How to Local Business SEO but in the world of online marketing, it is better to be prepared so that your website is fully taking advantage of all the new changes for your internet business.

Is Local SEO Different to Normal Optimization?

Yes and no, Yes because if your business is a local business targeting only people located in the City or Suburb you are doing business in. And No, if your website and business is targeting the visitors globally.

Google My Business for Local Marketing and SEO

If your website is not in listing to show up in Google Maps, then by all means go and verify your website now to advantage of latest changes in Google. For example: now the right hand sidebar Ads are gone from Google search results page, so you would have noticed Local Business Listings show up on the right hand side of Google results page. That’s where you want your local business to show up as well.

Login to your Google account and

Google Business Location
Shows user interface for adding Location information using Google My Business Management console
Google Maps Search by Business Option
Shows user interface for adding Location information using Google Maps Search by Business name or address Option

Once you press Add a Single Location you will be directed to Google Maps for searching for your Business to see if Google already has information about it (even if you didn’t verify your business listing, Google may have information about it (in which case you can verify and )). Simply follow the prompts and you’re done.

Google My Business Account Versus Google+ Page

Don’t confuse your verified business listing with Google Brand Pages because you can have many brand pages (think of them as Google+ page for various reasons) and think of Google Business Listing as to do with Google Maps listing for your Local Business.

What If You Already Have a Google+ Page

You can still take ownership of the business listing and if you already created one. However, only do this if you already have followers, if not, start a new with a brand new listing with a brand new Google+ page.

Focus On Content Sharing on Google My Business

Most small business owners just create their Google Listing and simply forget about engaging with visitors or customers, or they often just #hashtag and share links. If anything, you want to be regularly updating social media profiles such as Google Local Business Posts. Don’t let it go stale with no content. Furthermore, find creative ways to get reviews for your Google Business Listing as that will influence not to mention the benefits of reviews as Social Proof for your online business.

Video Lesson Explaining How Google My Business Works

Use Markup for Local Businesses

Google officially supports the different including opening hours and customer support phone numbers. Use these techniques as they are great for Google knowledge graph for your Local Business. This will also help Google algorithms to better understanding your business when it finds information on external sites.

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