Get to the Top of Google Without Paying

Get to the Top of Google Without Paying

Most website owners wanting to get top Google ranking results without paying have either tried Google Adwords PPC advertising (which can cost lots of money for competitive keywords) or, you have realized that to succeed on internet, your website requires targeted website traffic (potential customers). So let me now simplify how you can get to the top of Google without paying a single $ dollar.

Search Engine Optimization for Highest Google Organic Rank Position

If you never heard of (also known as ‘SEO’), that’s a plus for you because you don’t have to spend weeks getting confused about SEO due to misinformation circulating about how to get on Google first page for FREE on other websites. Instead, you can now use proven to work search engine optimization techniques by #RankYa and get top results within days.

I’m sure that you just can’t wait to learn  for first position in Google, because I imagine that you want to keep your cash in your pocket, after all, why pay top dollars when you can get better Google rank results without paying any money.

So let’s learn how-to methods for getting first position google organic rank results, and remember that you can even see your own website in Google first page within 24 hours. Let me detail how

Start with Keywords in The Domain Name

What does this mean? If your domain name includes keywords of interest to you, then begin targeting those keywords first, and also keywords which you can stem from those keywords in your domain name. For example: contains the keyword rank, that means I should start building steady website traffic through top google rankings by targeting keywords that includes the keyword “RANK”. Take a look at the sample search terms shown in the next image:

How to Rank in Google Query Terms
Shows three different screenshots for How to Rank in Google Query Terms

Now looking at the sample keywords above, I should begin by thorough and start targeting long tailed keywords first (key-words made up of more than 3 words). Why? Because most website owners believe that long tailed keywords aren’t worth the effort due to low amount of monthly Google searches. Logical as that may sound, Google rankings doesn’t work like that. Meaning:

Although long tailed keywords won’t bring your online business overnight success (due to low amount of searches conducted in Google search engine), you must target them because ranking them will help you to get top rankings for your competitive keywords as well.

So once again, instead of trying to rank highly competitive keywords first, you must begin targeting long tailed keywords first and then work towards getting top Google ranking results for your competitive keywords next.

No Keywords in the Domain? That’s Not a Problem At All

Now that we know the importance of beginning with the keywords in your domain name, and selecting long tailed keywords first. What if your domain name doesn’t include potential keywords to target.

Because you may have chosen your domain name for branding purpose. Whether that is the case, or not, categorize your content so that next part of your URL structure includes niche specific keywords. For example:


Surely your website will be in a different niche, and perhaps your website is an eCommerce store. In all cases, keywords in the URL’s are an important ranking factor, but not just because of top Google search rankings, but because it provides better usability for real human visitors who will actually visit your website.

And that’s what Google does, analyze websites from a user-experience point of view. Thus, will reward websites that are based on quality and usability.

Just imagine having this sort of URL structure?

It just won’t make sense to people who see that, therefore, it won’t make sense to Google either.

Analyze Google Search Analytics for Keywords to Target Next

Google Search Console Search Analytics Queries and Rank Position
Shows Google Search Console Search Analytics Queries and Rank Position data

If your website is verified for , then take a look at and identify opportunities by looking at what Google already ranks your website for. In the above example, I can see that Google is already ranking my website for

And also look at the ranking position for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 with good amount of impressions (think of impressions as people are searching for those keywords in n+ amount). Search Analytics in the above example shows that I may create content for:

What is important to consider in these examples is that, I could create content individually for each of these long tailed keywords.

Or, depending on the competitiveness of keywords, I could perhaps create 1 page (or blog post) and target all of these keywords within a single URL. In both cases, internal linking is critical using various anchor text. For example:

<a itemprop="url" title="how to get first page Google rankings" href="">first page of Google in 24 hours</a>
<a itemprop="url" title="how to rank in Google within 24 hours" href="">how to get on the first page of Google in 24 hours</a>

Improve Website Usability Before Achieving Top Google Rankings

In all of the above examples, SEO (to me) basically starts with improving usability and content presentation (since Google considers these factors for its ranking calculations).

Therefore, SEO isn’t about placing keywords in the URL, title, meta description, or even within the web copy. But rather, it begins with website usability improvements so that each visitor Google delivers, enjoys experiencing your website and finds what they are looking for.

Website usability is important and is missing on most websites, so make sure that you do not neglect website usability optimization. Here’s a video tutorial that simplifies what this means:

What’s Next for Achieving Top Google Rankings Without Paying?

Now the stage is set, because you made sure that your website has greatly improved its presentation of content, usability. Its now ready for easy on page optimization as shown in the next image:

How to Optimize Web Pages for Getting Top Google Rankings
Shows on page search engine optimization techniques for getting top Google organic search engine ranking results. Details how to structure the URL, create optimized web page Title and meta description, having clear navigation structure, using HTML heading tags, including keywords within web copy, internal linking using hyperlinks and anchor text, image optimization for SEO, and importance of clear Call to Action on landing pages

By now, you’ve learnt Google dominance techniques that you can easily use for getting to the top of Google without paying a cent to anyone.

Try these insights like other website owners who are already seeing great ranking results by just following these easy to use web page optimization techniques by RankYa. Also, please share this blog post with other website owners so that everyone can benefit from first position Google rankings

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