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Wanting to find the answer for this same question “How to rank your website higher in Google?” has led me on an exciting learning journey. Testing, improving and fine-tuning Google ranking techniques has already been achieved by RankYa. If I was to compress my many years of learning about achieving top Google search engine rankings, I would highlight these factors:

  • Learn How to Conduct Keyword Research
  • Learn to Create Content for People
  • Learn How to Do On Page SEO
  • Find Ways to Share That Content
  • Find Ways to Get Backlinks

You Can Rank Any Keyword Any Landing Page and Any Website in Google

Naturally, some keywords will take bit longer to rank in Google, and in fact, highly priced keywords although enticing to rank in Google may actually be not worth ranking considering the amount of resources that would be needed to gain top Google rankings.

For example, keywords related to certain industries such as law and finance (in United States, United Kingdom and Australia) are extremely expensive and competitive, averaging over $100 one hundred dollars Per Click when advertised through Google Ads. Also, most keywords small businesses need such as ABC services are also getting more expensive averaging around $10 to $20 per click.

The reason you want to identify the level of competition and cost per Google Ad PPC is because you want to strategize your plan of action. And also determine time frames that are reasonable to achieve top Google organic rankings.

The more competitive the keyword is, the more content you’ll need to create and more backlinks it has to have pointing towards web pages you have optimized for those competitive keywords.

Should We Not Target Competitive Keywords?

Of course you should, that’s the main goal. But how can anyone rank competitive keywords first without ranking other keywords? Because if there is a site already ranking in Google for competitive keywords, then, there is a good reason for Google showing that site first. Therefore, learn to think long term and learn to identify and build keyword lists that have less competition, all while working towards ranking competitive keywords. Let’s analyze this image below to understand what this means.

Importance Long Tail Keyword Targeting We can reason as to say that the first sample search term How to rank in Google is more competitive than the other How to rank website higher in Google. Why? Because the first one is shorter, and the shorter the keyword means more competition due to shorter keywords being searched more often.

But, that doesn’t mean you should not target the shorter (more competitive keywords), instead you should do so logically knowing that its easier to rank longer tailed keywords. Also, when you target and rank longer tailed keywords, it will also assist in ranking competitive keywords as well.

Learning How to Create Content for People While Using Keywords

Recently in one of Google Webmaster Hangouts someone said “I write well researched scholarly articles that are high quality?”. But a content creator can not make that conclusion about their content being of high quality. Only your website visitors will determine that by staying on your website longer, and converting higher. Google will track that through various methods (location information, IP, time, previous searches amongst other things it tracks on internet) one being bounce rate, another being, does the searcher come back and search again, if so, it is the same search terms or similar or entirely different. All of which helps Google determine relevance.

Basically, create content for your ideal audience and not Google per se, and make sure that you use keywords that search engines can easily analyze to better understand the subject matter of that content you publish.

Meaning, it doesn’t really matter how long in terms of word count the content you create should be. All you need to realize that on internet, people move fast, they want to find answers fast. I’ve even seen search terms such as How to become an SEO specialist in 48 hours? Most SEO experts spend years learning their craft (you need to learn Google Ads, HTML, Search Console, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Interaction Design Principles, Search Engine Optimization, Web Copywriting and many other skills) to become a specialist. And some people want to learn all that in 48 hours?

Basically, you need to understand who your audience is, and what style of content they want (short, long, with images and PDF illustrations, with videos etc.) and then create content for your target audience.

For example: if your target audience is a small business owner looking for your services, then, perhaps you should keep your message short because small business owners are always time limited, and they wouldn’t have very long time to learn about your services. On the other hand, if your target audience is elderly citizens who are looking for pleasurable reading online, then surely, you would cater for that type of audience accordingly.

Learn How to Do On Page SEO

Optimizing your landing pages aren’t hard at all, all you have to do is make sure that your site is SEO friendly. Steps to a Google-friendly site because then search engines can access your website.

Also, you have to make sure that certain HTML elements you use sends the strong signals to Google. For example: TITLE, heading tags and anchor text. On Page SEO

Find Ways to Share Your Content

Easiest way to accomplish sharing of your content is through share buttons. For example: you can create the popular Facebook share button or use share plugins on your website, and ask your website visitors to share your content, especially today because social signals are becoming more and more important for online marketing. Furthermore: each time your content is shared, you’ll also get quality and natural backlinks.

Also, don’t just leave sharing of your content to mere share buttons, as you can find many creative ways to get others to share your content to rank higher in Google. website external outlink

Backlinks for Ranking Higher in Google

There are hundreds of different ways to obtain backlinks. For accomplishing 1# position Google rankings for competitive keywords, quality backlinks are a must. Make sure you learn Google guidelines on links.

For More Resources

If you are still here reading this, it proves positive that you will without a doubt get top ranking results.

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