How to Ban Someone from Facebook Business Page

How to Ban Someone from Facebook Business Page

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If you are operating a Facebook Business Page for your business, then you know the comment spam (review spam) is real on Facebook. But, the user interface and the options for dealing with spam on Facebook is not. In fact, I have never seen or used an user interface is complex as Facebook business page.

Facebook’s Reply to Emails Sent

We received your report and appreciate your patience as we work to fix technical problems on Facebook. Though we can’t update everyone who submits a report, we’re using your feedback to improve the Facebook experience for everyone.

To contact us about non-technical issues, please visit the .

I am beginning to think that Facebook is making sure that these options to deal with spam is difficult and confusing for small business owners so that you can simply abandon trying to figure it out to remedy these spam issues.

Just like thousands of Facebook business page owners, I still have to deal with spam on FB, so I recently found out how to ban someone through the settings options (now keep in mind that the option for personal FB profiles and also FB business pages seem to be different).

FB Business Page Settings
Shows Facebook Business Page User Interface

Furthermore, the comment spam straight from the page timeline also can be accomplished (but if a spammer is hooked into your page, then they will continue to spam your business page, so its best to Ban them altogether).

I hope this video session at least guides you in the right direction.

Got any comments? Or know any other methods for dealing with FB comment spam?

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