What is SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and most beginners believe that SEO is just about using to select some keywords, place them in web page meta tags.

Yet, SEO actually should start by you using your common sense and identifying what your ideal customers will want when they visit your website so that you can design and create content according to your visitors wants and needs. Search engines like Google track website visitor interactions for determining keyword relevance.

SEO Can Branch Out Even Further

We can further categorize SEO in to many distinct parts such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization Basic Level
  • Search Engine Optimization Advanced Level
  • Off Site Marketing
  • SEO Specialist

Basic Level

This is where your website so that search engines like Google will favor your website over others for particular search term, and as a result show your website details for daily Google searchers.

This is the easiest level and ideal for most website owners who are managing their own website. It entails basic keyword research process, and then, optimizing landing pages according to the keywords selected.

You could master the basics of SEO within hours and get on the first page of Google Organic Rankings by simply making sure that your landing page are optimized as shown in the image below.

how to optimize landing pages
How to Rank First in Google details on page search engine ranking factors. How to create optimized web pages is outlined through title, meta description, navigation menu, h1 and h2 tags and web site image optimization

Advanced Level

This advanced level would require you to gain the skills to modify all aspects of the website you are optimizing, as well as understanding the very important part of SEO “

You will need to acquire adequate knowledge in the field of: , web server technologies (such as configuration)  as well as CSS () coding. Because understanding these will allow you to fix any errors which you may encounter while optimizing a website’s source code and its architecture.

Off Site Marketing

Off site marketing can be thought of, customer profiling, content identification, creation and marketing. Basically any form of marketing that is conducted on other sites as opposed to the site you are optimizing.

You could do this by creating useful videos for marketing on YouTube, social media marketing, or simple PDF sharing according to your research as to who, what, where and how the content will be consumed online.

SEO Specialist

This could require many month of learning and training because you will need to learn all of the above, as well as: (such as Google Adwords and ) and Analytics (such as ) and understanding of how online business marketing works for diverse set of industries.

Introduction Video

How Does SEO Work?

Search engine crawlers that consistently traverse the internet (24/7) to find new or updated web documents. They store these web documents in their databases using keywords and URL’s. So when someone searches their search engine, they pull information from the stored web documents.

How Does Search Engines Rank Documents?

Search engines rank documents by analyzing the web documents content (by means of stripping text, analyzing link patterns, images or anything else they find on a particular ).

Complex search engines like Google also analyze “how a real person views a web page” and also, where on a web document certain HTML elements are located. Google does this by . There are many other factors such as  and when a certain links points back to a particular web page amongst other things.

Search engine optimization as a field to work in can be a rewarding experience, whether you are learning what SEO is for optimization of your own website, or whether you want to work in this field. Stay the course and always stay within Google Webmaster Guidelines. Thank you for learning with me and thank you for sharing this document. Got any comments? You can provide one using the from on this page.

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