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It doesn’t matter what type of business website you operate, it needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Perhaps your website is already search engine optimized (so you think) but the year 2024 Google world has changed (drastically).

Why SEO for Google has Changed in 2024

Because of ChatGPT and various other online content creators. Such new advancement in artificial intelligence has changed the playing field for most websites. Today in 2024, anyone with a click of a mouse button create compelling unique content and publish it.

Just imagine someone like RankYa using such tools, within a week I could create (and achieve top Google rankings) a website and drive thousands of website traffic through Google search engine using ChatGPT.

What all this means is, Google’s lifeline is small business community advertising through Google Ads, and thus, Google must protect their company profits by ensuring that small business community do not lose to AI content. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization for 2024 has changed because it must. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, how can RankYa followers continue getting outstanding results?

2024 SEO Tutorial for Beginners

If you haven’t as of yet, I strongly encourage you to learn from the latest Free Step-by-Step SEO Training Course for 2024 that I’ve created.

Video Lesson Showing SEO for 2024

Search Engine Optimization Changes in 2024

If you’ve used Google Search Console, then, you already know the importance Google places to Website Usability (which includes Core Web Vitals and Page Experience). And yet, ask yourself this, how can Google determine the difference between a legitimate website as opposed to a website created solely to drive website traffic?

Website Content (original) & Optimization (Usability (Mobile + Desktop) + Speed)

Original content in 2024 means much more than words, today Google wants EVERYTHING to be original on the website. This includes words, images (and if you can even the Theme Design). Couple that with usability of the website across all devices (Mobile + Desktop + Laptop). Remember this lesson “website usability isn’t about page load times” it is about user experience.

Ideally, you want the searcher to find what they are looking for and interact with your business website as the last step in their search cycle (without going back to Google to search again).

Structured Data Schema Markup

During past years Structured Data using Schema Markup has gained even more popularity because it is semanticly more meaningful. You too may have seen Google search results showing “featured snippets” and other Rich Results. This means, 2024 is the year you need to step back and take full advantage of Structured Data Google supports.

Diversity of Content (image/s video/s PDF/s)

Diversity of content will also play an important role in 2024 SEO scene. This means, you now have to re-think your content strategy to include original content that is diverse.

For example: let’s imagine someone searching for “SEO for Beginners” and let’s also imagine someone else searching for different file type, e.g. PDF format or how-to video lessons for “SEO for Beginners”. Before 2024, you could easily create a blog post and get free website traffic, today however, you now need to consider including complimentary content that is diverse. Here’s the latest SEO PDF for 2024 you can download.

Content Marketing & Social Signals

A typical business owner wanting to grow their business will also rely on content creation and even social media marketing. Through all this you can obtain quality backlinks which Google search engine will follow and associate links and relevance between these links (and whatever the content associated with those links). That means, you could easily identify other ways to market your services and products that may and should include social media marketing.

Authority (niche specific)

2024 will also be a year that Google rewards niche specific websites. This means, if you are local business owner for example, then, your content on your business website can be focused on specific topic and become the website to go to find information on a specific topic.

Keyword Targeting Which Extends (e.g. FAQ)

Keyword targeting now also changed in 2024, as I’ve said previously in other SEO tutorials for beginners on RankYa website, you now must start targeting long tailed keywords. This will also help you rank higher for competitive keywords as well. Best way to find such keywords is Google search results page (look for People Also searched feature).

Critical SEO Lesson in 2024

If you’ve relied heavily in Google search to bring targeted website traffic, now is the time to re-evaluate your entire website and adhere to these search engine optimization tutorials for 2024 to get best results and let your business website become even more profitable in 2024.

Less SEO is More Results

I know this may sound silly for most website owners, but, if you’ve learnt your SEO techniques from so called experts telling to do this or that, then, you need to slow down with over optimizing your landing pages. Basically as adhere to Google guidelines and create content for people. This means, whatever the keywords you are targeting, you must make certain that it naturally flows within your web copy.

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FAQ About Learning Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. However, in 2024 SEO has evolved and now incorporates other factors of website optimization such as improving technical side of a website performance and also the user experience a website visitor will have.

How to do SEO for Beginners?

If you are an absolute beginner, then, simply focus on keyword research and create content for people. Understand the fact that keyword targeting is nothing more than answering questions people are searching Google with. Then, take a look at the SEO PDF above for learning about on page optimization to begin with.

How Can I Teach Myself SEO?

The best way to learn search engine optimization is by having your own website (on a web hosting you have access to). Then, simply create a website and content. Then, it is just matter of learning more about website optimization and also testing to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Can I Learn SEO from Google?

Yes absolutely, Google help section has great SEO tutorials for beginners as well as advanced search engine optimization techniques in web developers guide.

Can I Learn SEO on My Own for Free?

Yes you can. However, please do keep in mind that learning web site optimization requires time, energy and effort. Basically, think of SEO as having 2 sections. One being easy to do On Page SEO and the other is technical side of optimization which will require you to learn HTML, CSS, JS, Web Server Technologies as well as Google guidelines. Browse through RankYa website for Free SEO Courses.

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