How-To Disable Microsoft Copilot Windows 11

Disable Microsoft Copilot

Today, I turn on my computer and I ended up seeing Copilot Symbol on the right-hand side on Windows 11 Pro Sidebar. Although, Microsoft has been happy with their Microsoft Copilot AI Delivering Copilot for everyone, unless you are using it, why enable it everytime you start your windows OS?

Video Tutorial Showing Disabling Copilot Using Windows Group Policy Settings

Steps for Editing Group Policy to Disable Copilot AI in Windows 10 & Windows 11

Simply search the Windows Taskbar search “Edit Group Policy” (or use Command Prompt with gpedit.msc command). Windows Group Policy Settings User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Copilot (EDIT ‘Turn off Windows Copilot). Windows Group Policy Settings NOTE: when you select Enabled you are actually turning off the copilot (to re-enable it, simply select ‘Not Configured OR Disabled’).

Video Tutorial Showing How-To Disable Microsoft Copilot Windows 11

These are different settings to turn off copilot using Windows registry editor. Use options above first.

Step 1 for Disabling Copilot in Windows 11

Open Microsoft Edge and either locate “Settings” or simply Type in the address bar of Edge edge://settings/sidebar Microsoft Edge browser Setting for Copilot Press on Copilot tab and then Disable > Show Copilot (App and notification settings / Copilot) App notification settingsfor Copilot AI

Step 2 for Disabling Copilot in Windows 11

You can and should now edit Windows 11 Registry Editor (CAUTION: follow these steps exactly). Search Windows Taskbar search box with “Control Panel” and Open Administrative Tools in Control Panel Windows Control Panel Administrative Tools Open ‘Registry Editor’

Browse in to > HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\ Registry Editor Right Click on Windows Folder > Create New Key and call that WindowsCopilot

Browse in to > HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsCopilot folder you’ve created.

Right Click on WindowsCopilot Folder > Create New DWord (32bit) value and call that TurnOffWindowsCopilot and then set its value to be “1” Registry Edit for Disabling Copilot

Restart Windows 11

Final outcome of your Registry Edit for disabling Copilot AI each time Windows OS Starts is complete (enjoy your privacy).

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