How-to Delete All Google Chrome History

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If you want all chrome data (including for synched Google account) browsing history, download history, cached items, cookies and other data etc. to be deleted from your Google chrome, then follow these simple steps.

Video Tutorial Showing How-to Delete All Chrome History

On your computer or android device, open Chrome. Locate Chrome Settings (press on 3 ⋮ dots on top right hand corner) and Select Settings google chrome settings Press on Privacy and security > Clear all browsing Data google chrome privacy and security settings Finally Select “All time” and Select “Clear Data” to delete all Google Chrome History. google chrome settings

Above steps deletes almost everything from Chrome History, however, it actually doesn’t delete chrome search history. If you want to thoroughly clean up your Chrome web activity including search history, follow this additional step below.

How-to Delete Chrome Search History

On your computer (or android device), go to My Google Activity Delete Activity by time range (Select All time) My Google Activity Delete by time range Uncheck others except Chrome delete chrome history Confirm Deletion delete chrome history Above steps will clear everything including Chrome Search History.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Better to Delete or Clear History?

Clearing Browsing Data will delete more items than simply deleting browsing history. Although which is better suited for each Google Chrome user will depend on personal preferences and the way you use Google Chrome.

Why Can't I Delete Chrome Search History?

When you clear browsing data, this removes browsing history, but search history is recorded under Google Account Web & App activity. To be able to delete chrome search history you need to follow the steps through your Google account My Activity Controls as outlined in the steps outlined in this video tutorial Delete All Google Chrome History

Does Clearing Google History Delete Everything?

NO. Clearing Browsing History does NOT delete everything from Google Account. To be able to delete everything, follow the steps here video tutorial Delete All Google Chrome History

Copy and paste the Shortcut below in to the Chrome Address bar and press enter

  • chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

This will bring you to the same options for Clearing Chrome browsing data, simply select the data type you want deleted, and press “Clear Data”

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