Crazy Domains vs GoDaddy

Crazy Domains versus GoDaddy

Tossing up between Crazy Domains and GoDaddy? Not sure which one should you choose? There really isn’t that much difference when it comes to their products, services and prices these companies will provide you.

Whether you live in Australia, United States or United Kingdom, both companies dominate everything related to websites (domain name registration, website management, email and web hosting).

Crazy Domains versus GoDaddy

There are basically NO DIFFERENCE. You can choose either one.

Crazy Domains

Simple process and easy to use user options when you buy any of their products. Streamlined order processing and menu structure.

Beware of their upsells and free gifts (such as Free Website Builder package for 3 months) or (free .online domain registration for the 1st year) which often cost you $$$ in the long run. If you do choose to use such promotions, then make sure you double check auto-renew features on most of their products.

Most of their new features such as Business Directory listing, simply SEO or Managed SEO, Traffic Booster etc. are not worth the money. In fact, you should avoid such automated tactics for getting more website traffic. Instead follow easy to use RankYa how to techniques

Domain Names and Web Hosting

Regardless of which of these companies you choose, if you are going to register a domain name and get web hosting, then, make sure you use just one company to make managing your domain & website easier.

Crazy Domains Web Hosting vs GoDaddy Web Hosting

They both provide different options for web hosting. With Crazy Domains cPanel its custom. Meaning, although you have most options found in cPanel server manager, Crazy Domains have their own version of web hosting user interface.

With GoDaddy, you do get the popular cPanel user interface with their Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel (this will allow you to manage and install your business website easier).

GoDaddy Prices vs Crazy Domains Prices

Before you purchase anything from either brand, simply first search Google with keywords such as ‘Promo, Special, Discount’ as you will almost always find discounted prices. For example:

  • GoDaddy SSL promo
  • Crazy Domains SSL promo
  • GoDaddy web hosting discount
  • Crazy Domains web hosting discount

Both companies offer similar $ pricing structure for all their products.

Crazy Domains Customer Service vs GoDaddy Customer Service

Customer service experience is important regardless of the business in question. Despite what you may have read on internet about customer service reviews for Crazy Domains, compared to many years ago, default Customer Service offered by Crazy Domains really has improved over the years. That means, if you are faced with issues about your web hosting etc. you can quickly reach them through various different options.

However, Crazy Domains Advanced Direct support service costs you money per hour (currently $99AUD per hour). Stupid.

Here’s what CrazyDomains says “We’re committed to providing all of our customers 24/7 customer support, but for customers requiring additional services outside the standard agreement, we have introduced an Advanced Support team.”

Should you not get great customer support when you run in to problems regarding domain names, email or website hosting? Basically, standard agreement compared to Direct support seems to be different. This reveals their philosophy about customer service.

With GoDaddy, customer service is as good as Crazy Domains if not better (because they don’t charge you crazy rates by the hour like Crazy Domains Direct support). I had to ring GoDaddy on many occasions for my valued clients and they have provided solutions in the first call session. If you manage many websites, are a web developer or an SEO specialist, GoDaddy also provides you with better options to manage your products and clients through their GoDaddy Pro feature (free of charge).

Crazy Domains vs GoDaddy 2022

Although there really isn’t much difference between the two, RankYa recommends GoDaddy even though its a fine line of difference between both.

If you are technically skilled person and understand how to FTP or change DNS settings for example, then, definitely consider DreamHost VPS service.

Crazy Domains Australia is a division of Dreamscape Networks International Pte Ltd they are the biggest domain name registrar and web hosting service provider in Australia. Also, Crazy Domains operates globally in UK and Australia


GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. They operate globally as well. They have really grown exponentially dominating the domain names and web hosting market with over 22 million customers worldwide in 2022

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