Website Images Disappeared from Google Search Results Page?

website images Disappeared from Google SERP

You wake up, fill up with breakfast and your favorite caffè latte, open your laptop to fulfill orders or reply back to your messages, but you notice something doesn’t seem right, perhaps there are no orders to fulfil, or orders are less than usual. You immidiately check Google Search Results Page (SERP), but you can’t find your web site, web page or images.

Because Google has taken down your website images, de-indexed images, or is not willing to show in SERP. What do you do in this nightmare scenario for the business website you worked hard to build?

Video Tutorial for Troubleshooting Website Image Indexing or Ranking Issues

Although the problem could have a simply solution such as updating Structured Data App or plugin to ensure required fields for ImageObject is on the web page.

But the latest 2024 core updates could also be the culprit causing de-indexation due to the web page not adhering to quality guidelines.

How-to get Google to index images using image SEO.

Using Structured Data for Google Rich Results?

What if the Rich Results are missing an image? Then check the latest Structured Data guidelines to ensure at minimum your Schema Markup has the required fields.

Using Google Search Console?

Check crawl stats, inspect URL or issues related to blocked by robots.txt file.

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