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Courses Labelled Private

  • All videos are formatted using MP4 format
  • All videos are to be downloaded within 14 days of access
  • All videos are rendered in HD
  • Any and all videos labelled private (usually purchased through paid SEO Course/s) must not be shared, nor published (online or otherwise)
  • All private videos we created are Copyrighted by us
  • All supporting material/s made available through private course/s, such as: PDFs, PHP, HTML, CSS, or any custom code created by us are also copyrighted by us.
  • You are agreeing to not make available public, sell, modify, edit, or share our private videos or accompanying supporting material/s
  • You are also agreeing to not publish and make available public RankYa custom codes, SEO techniques, and or formulas

Free Plugins & RankYa Theme Support

We have made detailed video lessons explaining how to setup and use all our products, and we encourage you to post your questions, feedback, ideas for improvements using our website commenting system.

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Privacy Policy

For full description and detail of our privacy policy (including our use of cookies) press here.

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