SEO Tutorials for Beginners

SEO Tutorials for New Beginners


Search Engine Optimization Techniques Others Don’t Know About.

Just starting out online? Or found out that search engine optimization is important for your business website’s growth? Then you are in luck because we will be sharing easy to use useful SEO Tutorials for Beginners. We would first like to draw your attention to great piece of content made available by Google Search Engine Optimization SEO Starter Guide if you already read that, then:

Keep in mind that this blog post is an extension to SEO Tutorials 2019 related blog post we’ve created previously making SEO even simpler for newbies.

Lesson 1 SEO Core Techniques

When it comes to ranking keywords in Google, it starts with keyword research and targeting. If you are an absolute beginner learning about search engine optimization for the first time, or just launched a new web site, then, start your SEO by selecting long tailed keywords (keywords made up of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 words). Not just because they are easier to rank in Google, but rather, they will allow you to build momentum bringing in targeted website traffic (as a result, begin profitability for your business website).

Sample Internet Search Engine Keyword Suggestions

Screenshot of internet Search Engine Keyword Suggestions example for search terms: SEO Tutorials for beginners

Above is an image that shows you how to quickly find those keywords using Google search engine keyword suggestions. All you have to do is experiment with typing in your industry specific keywords in Google search box.

SEO Lesson 2 On Page Optimization

This is rather easy because looking at the keywords you selected, all you have to do is create content answering those questions. Because keyword targeting is almost always is answering questions. Therefore, if I wanted to answer (as in target) SEO Tutorials for Beginners, we just have to create content that is useful and also easier to understand for a beginner. This below image will demonstrate the simplicity of On Page SEO

On Page SEO Simplified 2019

Features web page illustration highlighting on page search engine optimization elements of HTML

You can also download the PDF version by visiting SEO PDF blog post.

Search Engine Optimization Lessons for Beginners

So far we’ve covered the simple beginner guide to search engine optimization. By just using these insights you’ll get great Google ranking results. However, the complex side of SEO is technical side of optimization. Which includes skills and understanding HTML CSS PHP Javascript Server Technologies Structured Data to be able to dive deeper in to web site optimization. However, to make your learning worthwhile, let me also teach you this simple technique called outlinking.

Outlinking for Higher Google Ranking

Content Marketing and Backlink Gathering Formula by RankYa

Content Marketing and Backlink Gathering Formula includes how a shareable content can be used for backlink gathering, and outlinking for relevance building for top search engine organic rankings

As you by now know the importance of links and how to use anchor text with keywords. When the links on your own website are linked within your own domain, these are called internal links. But, when you link to other domains, Google crawling and indexing process will also follow that link and create association between your website and the external web site you are linking to.

That means, you can easily find external websites that compliment your content and link to them. Critical aspect here is to make sure that you are not directly linking to your competitors as that would deplete the purpose of trying to achieve higher Google rankings. Nonetheless do not shy away  from outlinking as it will help your own keyword rankings.

SEO Tutorial Core Techniques for Higher Google Ranking in 2019 Video Lesson by RankYa

Must Understand and Use SEO Tutorials for Novice Students

Backlinks, these are links pointing back towards your own website from external websites. Usually, if you follow RankYa mastery SEO techniques targeting long tailed keywords first, you probably do not need to embark on gathering backlinks because your search engine optimized content will be ranked in top Google position easily, and thus, allow for greater potential to get your own website visitors to share that content you created on your own website (that’s another reason you want to use these important SEO tutorials for beginners detailed above). Because unlike the previous years, where SEO was bit more easier, however, learning with RankYa is still easy, don’t you think!

Meaning, your very own content will be shared naturally. To speed up the process, you can share each piece of content you create on your own social profiles to reach a wider audience. Encourage your website visitors and even friends to share the content you create. SEO Tip: when you are sharing PDF’s or Microsoft Word Documents, you can include a backlink within these documents as well.

If you are a small business owner serving your local community, then popular places like Yelp and others allow you to create a profile with your company information. When you do use these opportunities, take your time when creating your profile and make each one as unique as possible. To be able to rank higher in Google Maps, you can also link to your own website (home page, about page, contact us page) and also Google Map Listing URL (these profile creation processes must be done manually).

Critically, do not be tempted to buy backlinks for SEO purposes because doing so is against Google guidelines on link schemes not only they will not help in ranking, but they will also negatively affect your Google rankings in the long run. Gathering backlinks must be done naturally.

Core Search Engine Optimization Tutorials for Starters — Video Lesson by RankYa

If you are just starting out in an online business world, be aware that it will take bit of time for you to learn the basics of SEO and then take charge of your own website optimization, be patient and test while learning about SEO. Thank you for learning with us and sharing this blog post.

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