How to Fix Google Search Console Page with redirect Issues?

Google Search Console page with redirect issues

Google Search Console Index Coverage report is all about how Google indexed a particular website. That means, in most cases, Page with redirect issues do not need to be validated as it is normal part of operating a website.

Video Lesson for Understanding Page with redirect Issues in Index Coverage report

How to Fix Page with redirect Issues in Search Console?

Because there are countless different ways a website can be setup, for almost 99% of websites, Coverage > Page with redirect issues do not affect Google rankings as long as these are in place:

  • Ensure XML Sitemaps has the correct URLs you want Google to index.
  • Make sure any Redirection rules are setup correctly (including both versions of domain such as www. non-www)
  • Ensure the website does NOT have broken links
  • Ensure all internal links use the correct URL structure

Why Would Page with redirect Issues Keep Appearing in Index Coverage report upon Validating Fix?

If all of the above website maintenance settings are in place, and upon Validating Fix for Page with redirect errors, Search Console still shows URLs with Page with redirect issues. That can only mean 2 things.

1 = somehow your website is setup incorrectly, Google keeps seeing those old URLs on your website redirecting to new URLs. Therefore still complaining even though you’ve checked everything and validated the fix.

2 = there are many automated bots and website scrapers traversing the internet looking for web pages. Most of these spam type of automated internet bots grab the content from a website and place that content on their own spammy websites. While doing so, these spam type of automated internet bots usually insert incorrect URL patterns for a given website they have scraped. As a result, Google may pick these type of broken links and show in Index Coverage Page with Redirect reports.

As long as you follow Google guidelines and follow best practised as outlined. You need not lose sleep over Page with redirect Issues shown in Search Console.

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