How to Rank Higher on Google

How to Rank Higher on Google

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On this blog post I will provide insights for websites that are already indexed and are ranking high on Google search engine, as well as for web sites that are newly launched.

Search Engine Ranking Definition

There are two ranking options in Google, one is ranking high for Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and the other is for ranking organically.

  • Think of PPC advertising as a newspaper ads, which would require payment for displaying your ads
  • Think of organic rankings as efforts you make by search engine optimizing your website so that your website details show up in Google organic ranking results.
Shows Search Engine Results Page for Google Adwords and Organic Ranking Results

Shows Search Engine Results Page for Google Adwords and Organic Ranking Results

Can You Pay Google to Rank Higher?

No, you can’t pay Google so that it shows your site higher in its results set. Whether you are advertising with Google Adwords or whether you are doing on page SEO for top Google rankings. Google doesn’t accept any money from anyone to manipulate its ranking results.

  • Adwords: takes in something called Quality Score as opposed to Maximum Click Bids
  • Organic rankings: are determined algorithmically depending on the relevance of your site against Google searchers search query

Once again, no one can money to Google for higher rankings.

Google Search Ranking Checker

There are many tools that claim to check a website ranking in Google, but none of them can be as accurate as the results shown in Report .

Why? Because much depends on keywords that is used on each search query (including long tailed keywords) as well as , (why do you think they spend millions on developing Android) or if the searcher is logged in or not logged in to their Google account, physical location of the searcher amongst many other factors which can influence Google ranking results.

As such complexity of each Google search. So do not dwell too much on reports etc. instead focus on creating new fresh content that will be of use for your website visitors.

How to Rank Higher on Google

New sites are actually easier to rank if the keywords are medium level competition. It just will require that you register your domain with keywords in the domain portion. As well as your ability to stem other searched terms from the keywords in your domain portion.

Ranking a Brand New Website Quickly

Simply register the domain with keywords in the domain portion, and create a new WordPress site that is fully optimized according to the on page SEO factors as detailed in the . Link the new site with social media profiles and .  has more insights for ranking new sites as well.

Optimizing an Established Website

If your site is already live online and you are actually getting some website traffic, and now want to improve your organic rankings, then, you can change everything on your webpage as long as the URL doesn’t change.

For example: you could change everything (but the URL) and optimize all these on page search engine optimization so that they are fully optimized and meaningful.

On Page SEO Checklist

On Page SEO Checklist details on page search engine optimization factors for optimizing a web page for higher Google ranking results

Here’s a Video That Explains How to Approach SEO for Established Sites

Ranking higher in Google can also be achieved by creating new content that are similar to the ones Google is already ranking you higher in its results set. I created a video that explains this process using metrics for average position that lingers in 4th till 9th position for search queries that have high impression count.

At the end of the day, the best way to rank in Google is by that people are searching for, and creating content that answers those search queries. If your site is new, then begin targeting longer tailed keywords, if your site is already performing in Google search, then continue publishing fresh and engaging content, and link those web pages to your important web pages.

Do you know of any other for top Google rankings now? Let us know using the comment form below. Thank you for learning with RankYa and thank you for sharing this blog post so that others may also benefit from these proven SEO insights.

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