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At the heart of everything you do on your website are KEYWORDS. You use them to communicate to your website visitors, you use them to offer services or sell products. Without words, there can be no internet nor business website marketing.

How to SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research Tools

There are many paid keyword research tools for search engine optimization, and yet, the only SEO keyword research tool you will ever need is

Google Search Box

You can and must conduct keyword research using Google search box like this: sample Google Search Query examples

As shown in the image above, all you need to do is place some of your industry specific keywords and TYPE LETTER A, B, C … Z and let Google fill in the gaps and suggest great ideas particularly for long tailed keywords.

Also look at “People also asked” feature as well as “Related Searches” feature. Both of which will guide you along website content creation process. Google search features for keywords

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Although the requirements is that you’ll need to create Google Ads account to be able to use Keyword Planner tool, its worth it for choosing the right keywords to target on your website. Remember that almost all other paid keyword research tools actually get their data from Google Ads API. Google Keyword Planner is a tool that doesn’t cost any money to use.

Indirect Keyword Targeting

RankYa business website marketing experience assures the fact that, you should not just focus on your industry specific keywords to grow your business. Instead, understand the fact that your website is a tool for ? communicating (your brand, services, and or products). That means, you can and should begin selecting indirectly related keywords to target.

Let us imagine that you offer Laptop Repair Services, then, someone searching for “Asus Laptop Model ABC Review 2021” is a great candidate to target. First of all, it contains the actual industry specific keyword “ASUS” in this example. Second of all, it allows you to build momentum of website traffic (including potential for natural sharing of your content which will eventually increase backlinks as well as).

Another example: let’s imagine that you are a professional photographer offering services in a certain city. Then, soon to be bride or their family members may be searching for: keyword research sample suggestions

As you can now see the power of indirect keyword identification and selection when doing your SEO keyword research. Let your competitor focus solely on industry specific keywords, you on the other hand focus on industry specific keywords as well as how to techniques shared by RankYa. Because then, you will get top Google rankings, but critically, also build a strong online presence that will allow your business to grow and thrive using these proven online marketing insights.

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