How to Remove Your Child’s Details from Google Product

removing your childs details from Google search

The best way to ensure removal of details for your child is by understanding different policies Google has for removal requests.

Video Tutorial Showing How-to Remove Your Child’s Details from Google Products

Removing Your Child’s Details from Google for Citizens of European Union Country

EU has Right to be Forgotten laws which came in affect few years ago. You can use the form for Personal Data Removal Request Form for EU Citizens.

Personal Data Removal Request Form Select “A family member” for I am acting on behalf of * section (be aware that Google may ask for documentation confirming that you are authorized to represent this person).

Provide Details for Your Legal Relationship to the person on whose behalf this removal request is made. For example: parent, legal guardian.

Removing Your Child’s Details from Google for Non-EU Citizens

Now that you are familiar with Google product policies. Let’s imagine Google web search shows your child’s details (name, photo etc.) and you want Google search to remove this information. Then, request removal using Request personal content removal from Google Search content shows a person under 18

Simply follow the prompts to submit your removal request. Request removal of images of minors from Google Search

Here’s What Google is Willing to Remove

Report Content Found On a Specific Google Product

As we’ve said at the beginning of this blog post, being familiar with Terms of Use for a specific Google product will aid successful removal of your child’s details from a particular Google product. This means, it is wise to ensure that you follow a different approach when details of your child is on specific Google product. For example: when a minor’s details are on a particular YouTube video, then, you would need to use YouTube legal policies as your argument.

If the child’s details can be found through Blogger (which is a blog platform owned by Google) then you would simply follow a different approach by selecting the Google product the details can be found.

Google Product selection

Blogger example: Google Product reason for reporting

As you can see, understanding the ever complex Google policies can often be a challenge. However, regardless of the content type you want removed from Google, simply ensure you are persistent and do not take “No for an answer”.

Tips for Successful Removals

  • Always keep a record of your interactions with Google (screenshots, emails, date and time request or contact is made).
  • Ensure that you are absolutely familiar with Google product policies before you submit your removal request.
  • Ensure that you are familiar with privacy laws within your country.
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