SEO Insights You Did Not Know About

SEO Insights You Didn’t Know About


The field of Search Engine Optimization (also known as ) is interesting and can be rewarding for your online business. Because its very easy to optimize your website when you understand what Google is trying to accomplish “provide relevant results” which keeps everyone happy including the Google Adwords customers.

How Google came to dominate the search market is quite easy to understand “invest and keep investing in the while investing in the best minds on the planet so that the algorithm which runs each time you search Google brings you relevant search results.

This means that when you optimize your landing pages, you have to really optimize it using all that you can so that each visitor who visits your website does find the answers according to search queries they typed in Google.

I already showed you how you can easily optimize your landing pages, so now, take your optimization one step further and consider what will happen when your website visitor “does not find your website useful?” this is normal workings of online business world. So your aim must be to focus on keyword targeting precisely, so that the visitor stays on your landing pages longer. Google Analytics will help you to see visitor interaction including the . Improve it.

SEO Expert Information

Google is extremely efficient in crawling new websites and web pages as they are published. Since it has the previous trillions of search query data at its disposal, and since it has a map of internet (Trillions of web documents indexed) it can now run calculations on this data set, or draw any conclusion it wants for future updates including algorithm updates.

Each time Google finds a new web document and places it in its index:  Google attaches timestamp to that index for more efficient future caching. And if you have CMS like WordPress running your website, and if you have different URL’s with the same content (or near same content), then Google sees that as duplicate content because there is nothing unique Per that URI (per landing page).

Now, to save resources and managing an immense data set like growing internet web document can get quite expensive. Why not tell website owners that to higher in Google “you should avoid ” and just this simple recommendation saves millions. Furthermore: your website visitors will also have better user experience because each landing page they visit will be unique without the same or very similar content.

How to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

  • First make sure that you present original content (text, images, videos) per URI (basically means per landing page)
  • Use rel canonical (this tells Google “hey Google, this is the link to the original resource”)
  • All your structure should use consistent hyperlinks (1 version of URI pointing back to the same content) for example: if I want to internal link to my home page, and the canonical URL is — Then, I should make sure the CMS I use points to that URL and not to its variations like so: etc.
  • Any links from external sites should also be consistent pointing to only one version of your landing page URL. Although you can’t really control this because others will share whatever version of URL from your website that they want, however, whenever you have control over external links (for example: through your own social share options), then make sure that you point the link back to only the canonical URL of your landing pages.

These are some of the ways you can avoid duplicate content issues, all while keep in mind that you also have directive available to clean up duplicate URL at server level.

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