Disable and TurnOff Microsoft Copilot Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Copilot AI

Rope we are all holding on to called “Our Privacy” always seems to be pulled away bit by bit. But you can now pull it back a bit.

Windows 10 users wanting to disable and completely turnoff Microsoft Windows Copilot AI can follow these steps:

Video Tutorial for Completely Disabling Windows Copilot in Windows 10

Below are the sample paths and steps for turning off copilot completely from starting up each time windows 10 starts.

Open Microsoft Edge and Find Settings for Edge, or type this in address bar and press ENTER edge://settings/sidebar

Microsoft Edge Windows 10 App Settings Toggle Show Copilot to Off Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Settings for Sidebar

Next Open Registry Editor (type in Windows Taskbar “Registry Editor”) and Press ENTER how to find Windows 10 registry editor

When Windows 10 Registry Editor is Opened. Browse in to


Right Click on “Windows” Folder > Create New Key named “WindowsCopilotWindows 10 registry edit

Right Click inside WindowsCopilot > Create New Key DWORD (32-bit) Value “TurnOffWindowsCopilot” and set it to 1 (which means TRUE)

Windows 10 registry edit TurnOffWindowsCopilot

Your Settings to Disable Copilot should look like this. Windows 10 registry edit TurnOffWindowsCopilot

We’re Not Done Yet Disabling Copilot

Follow the same steps as above, but this time inside this Registry Value


Restart Windows 10 and Windows Copilot should be disabled.

Note: Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System has many different versions. But these steps will work for:

  • Windows 10 Home Edition
  • Windows 10 Pro Edition
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 10 Student Edition

What If Windows 10 Still Does Not Turnoff Copilot?

If for some reason the above steps doesn’t turn off copilot. Then, edit the registry by adding these below values (each time restart your computer to check if copilot still lingers on or is turned off).

Check Copilot in Windows availability on the device and explicitly make it not available.

Registry Path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Copilot Registry key String > CopilotDisabledReason > Value IsEnabledForGeographicRegionFailed DWORD IsCopilotAvailable Set to 0

NOT SEEING Registry Path? Then create a Key Folder and name it “Copilot” to explicitly disable it. registry edit for CopilotDisabledReason

This particular registry edit will ensure Windows 10 explicitly enforces restrictions and makes Copilot AI not available on your operating system.

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