Crazy Domains VS GoDaddy Web Hosting

Crazy Domains versus GoDaddy

in 2024, both of these companies have changed their entire user-interface and keep adding products (mostly unneeded) at checkout process. And charging for SSL Certificates in 2024 seems bit dodgy for a reputable customer focused web hosting company.

Crazy Domains VS GoDaddy

To thoroughly compare both companies, we need to look at a typical scenario where you register a domain, and get web hosting for online business presence, hence, let’s review their products first:

Both companies have smorgasbord of Web Hosting products (WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server (VPS)) and both Crazy Domains and GoDaddy offer you Linux and Windows Servers.

All successful businesses should be built upon the popular Linux Servers for easier maintenance and better performance. Therefore, we’re going to compare Linux Hosting, since most people use this product once they register their domain name.

RankYa Tip: regardless of which company you select, don’t fall victim to their sales gimmicks with their initial 50% discounts that is either for the first year only, or if you sign up for long term 36 months contract which is costly to get out.

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Crazy Domains Web Hosting VS GoDaddy Web Hosting

I have skipped most of the usual features such as Bandwidth, Email, FTP accounts, etc. because all web hosting companies include all that stuff anyway (its surprising that they brag about all those default features you’ll find today in any web hosting package in 2024).

All prices are based on USD and on monthly basis for Hosting to provide a more accurate picture (SSL pricing is based on yearly terms since you can’t buy SSL on monthly basis).

(Linux Hosting Plans) Economy Premium Ultimate
Price (Crazy Domains) $7.00 $11.99 $16.99
Price (GoDaddy) $8.99 $13.00 $19.00
Disk Storage (Crazy Domains) 150 GB 500 GB Unlimited
Disk Storage (GoDaddy) 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Websites (Crazy Domains) 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Websites (GoDaddy) 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Databases (Crazy Domains) 10 50 Unlimited
Databases (GoDaddy) 10 25 Unlimited
SSL Certificate (Crazy Domains) (yearly) Standard $70.72 Premium $135.00 WildCard $455.00
SSL Certificate (GoDaddy) (yearly) Standard $94.99 UCC/SAN SSL $249.99 WildCard $449.99

NOTE: I have not included the GoDaddy Web Hosting Maximum Package for $24.99 monthly, which has everything unlimited. Because for such a price, you better off going for a Virtual Private Server so that you won’t be sharing server resources with others.

Features Crazy Domains Offers But GoDaddy Doesn’t

(Linux Hosting Plans) Economy Premium Ultimate
Free Stock Images 2 5 10
Cloud Network (faster speed) ~ Yes Yes
Traffic Booster ~ ~ Yes

Note: Crazy Domains has many add-ons such as Traffic Booster & Business Directory. You should avoid these at all costs because its against Google guidelines.

Features GoDaddy Offers But Crazy Domains Doesn’t

(Linux Hosting Plans) Economy Premium Ultimate
Free domain Yes Yes Yes
Free Microsoft 365 Email Yes (1st year only) Yes (1st year only) Yes (1st year only)
Free SSL Certificate ~ ~ Yes (1st year only)

Web Server Speed Test Results

Please note, there are many factors that can influence web site performance, accordingly, the results below for server speed for Crazy Domains VS GoDaddy should only be considered as a guideline only. I have taken 3 sample websites built on each platform and ran tests on each server measuring the crazy domains and godaddy website hosting server respond time to ping requests.

You can explore RankYa blog later so that your website can also become super fast, as in, superman fast.

Server Response Time for a Website Built on Crazy Domains Web Hosting

Crazy Domains Average Score: 190 ms Crazy Domains web server response time

Server Response Time for a Website Built on GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy Average Score: 125 ms GoDaddy web server response time

Server Response Time for a Website Built on DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost Average Score: 125 ms DreamHost web server response time

DreamHost VS Crazy Domains and GoDaddy

Crazy Domains VS GoDaddy VS DreamHost

As far as RankYa is concerned DreamHost wins hands down compared to GoDaddy and Crazy Domains. I have used both companies for RankYa websites but switched to DreamHost VPS.

To be able to bring GoDaddy and Crazy Domains to DreamHost web hosting level (particularly DreamHost’s VPS starting at just $10 per month) you need to purchase many add-on extra services which are unreasonable priced, or get their highly expensive packages for a decent web hosting in 2024.

This recommendation is based on quality of service support, usability, performance and pricing. Neither GoDaddy nor Crazy Domains can beat DreamHost. Remember, its always costly (if you can’t do it yourself) to transfer domains and switch web hosting companies later.

Looking for discounted rates for web hosting? Simply search Google with terms ‘discount godaddy’ or ‘special promo crazy domains’.

DreamHost Offers

DreamHost logo DreamHost Discount Offer

RankYa Uses and Recommends DreamHost Virtual Private Server (VPS)

DreamHost VPS is Better Overall

Why Trust RankYa Reviews for Crazy Domains VS GoDaddy?

I’ve been using the services of both companies for many years now (both for myself and my valued clients), unlike most other websites offering reviews or comparing Crazy Domains to GoDaddy, I actually use their web hosting solutions for my valued clients. That means, you now know exactly what you’ll be getting from both companies.

In fact, whichever web hosting company you can think of (HostGator, inMotion, SiteGround, DreamHost, Amazon AWS,, Google sites, Blogger, WiX, Weebly, Shopify) I’ve worked on it.

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