How to Fix Unparsable Structured Data

How to Fix Unparsable Structured Data

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Been seeing Unparsable Structured Data in the New Google Search Console reports? Don’t you worry, RankYa is here to help you fix them all. So I created this blog post highlighting how to fix Unparsable Structured Data in Google Search Console.

Video Lesson for Fixing Unparsable Structured Data

Below table is what Google Search Console Help Section describes as Structured Data with common type of syntax errors

Error type Description
Invalid JSON document The JSON had a top-level syntax error.
Incorrect value type The value specified for a property was of the wrong type. For example, you specified a string when a number or array was expected.
Parsing error: Missing ‘:’ Missing a ‘:’ mark.
Parsing error: Missing ‘,’ or ‘}’ Missing a ‘,’ or closing bracket.
Parsing error: Missing ‘}’ or object member name Missing a closing bracket or object member name.
Parsing error: Missing ‘,’ or ‘]’ in array declaration Error parsing an array value: missing a ‘,’ or ‘]’ in the array declaration.
Unable to parse token length For some reason, the start and end of a property or value could not be found.
Invalid number Property value expected to be a number, but another value type was used.
Empty escape sequence in string A string value include an empty escape sequence character: for example:

"description" : "Call me \ John"

rather than

"description" : "Call me \"John\"".

Bad escape sequence in string An invalid escape sequence used in a string value. For example:

“description” : “Some \q unknown sequence”

Truncated Unicode character Missing the last 6 characters in a Unicode surrogate pair.
Invalid Unicode character Missing a \u token at the start of the second half of a Unicode surrogate pair.
Invalid Unicode escape sequence: four digits expected A Unicode escape sequence has a syntax error: it should contain four digits.
Invalid Unicode escape sequence: hexadecimal digit expected A Unicode escape sequence has a syntax error: a hexadecimal digit was expected but not provided.
Duplicate unique property You provided two definitions for a unique property in your structured data object. For example, two @context values.
Invalid top level element A top-level item in your JSON-LD is invalid.
Reference to nonexistent item An itemref attribute points to a non-existent identifier.

There could be many different ways to fix Structured Data errors in Google Search Console. Much will depend on the type of website you operate and also the Content Management System you are using.

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