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The Core Web Vitals report shows how your web pages perform (based on real world usage field data). What Google wants from all website owners is at minimum fix poor user experiences on a site.

The new Search Console Core Web Vitals report shows metrics for subset of web page elements what all website owners must adhere to. 3 areas measured are LCP, FID, and CLS.

What is LCP?

The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metric reports the render time of the largest block level element (e.g. img, video, or even paragraph) visible to the user (first largest area within the viewport) relative to when the page first starts loading.

How to Fix LCP Issues

What is FID?

First Input Delay (FID) measures the time from when a user first interacts with a page (i.e. when they click a link, tap on a button, or use a custom JavaScript-powered control) to the time when the browser is actually able to begin processing event handlers in response to that interaction.

What is CLS?

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) measures the sum total of all individual layout shift scores for every unexpected layout shift that occurs during the entire lifespan of the page. A layout shift occurs any time a visible element changes its position from one rendered frame to the next.

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