Why You Must Search Engine Optimize

Why You Must Search Engine Optimize


Today you have a website, and you may be advertising with Google Adwords Facebook YouTube and the rest which are all cheaper than these giants as mentioned above.

Either way, if you have been advertising for a while, then you know full well that your CPC (Cost Per Click) is actually getting higher (just look at your account history) although you are targeting the same keywords, and although you are targeting the same landing pages, your advertising costs are climbing and it doesn’t matter what you do you can’t lower them.

Because these higher costs are nothing to do with your end, it has everything to do with “human nature” and competitiveness of business world.

Did you know that when you set your you usually will pay less depending on your competitors amongst other factors. Meaning, if I was to set $5 as my maximum cost per click for a particular keyword, does not mean that I will pay $5 for that click. No, I will pay only the amount required for me to hold my position. But as you read through the above link, you will see that Google recommends to set it higher because that helps to be seen.

And the fact of the matter remains, and that is, more and more people are getting online each and everyday (globally). That also includes new online businesses are popping up related to your online industry. That is why you need to search engine optimize your website and do it now.

Be First in Organic Search Results


Although SEO is Best Way to Attract New Visitors

However, you could start blogging if you haven’t done so already, you could start getting on YouTube, or you could start building your follower base on Facebook. Because the rest will not bring as good of a result as these two Google / YouTube and Facebook. Seriously, you may say how about Twitter? Pinterest? Tumblr? Or the rest? None can compare to the power and might of Google and Facebook. Think about their share of internet surfers “time”

Time Is Money

This concept of time is money is more true online than anywhere else, neither Google or Facebook is fighting for your advertising dollars because you are a willing participant in that game. These two giants are fighting for “your time” “my time” and everyone else’s “time” because more time spent on any social media platform translates into more dollars because there is a value for that participant.

Global televisions? Maybe not, but global video content where everyone (including me) can have my own channel (think of it like your own TV station where you can broadcast to your viewers) no doubt YouTube behind the doors are already contemplating this, heard of ? Or all the print media crying poor and closing their doors because this generation basically do NOT buy newspapers (it is for grannies, not funky)

Facebook with over 1 billion profiles and is growing? What’s left? Everyone is connected and SEO “search engine optimization” still is the easiest way to make sure you get the website traffic your website deserves. Wanna learn all about that? Then simply browse around blog and don’t forget to visit because I show you how simple online marketing is.

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