Why You Must Search Engine Optimize

SEO Simplified

Who doesn’t have a website today? But to get people finding your website, you have limited options such as social media marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and organic search engine rankings.

Website Without SEO

To attract visitors, you have to advertise, and if you have been advertising for a while, then you know full well that your CPC (Cost Per Click) is actually getting higher and higher (just look at your account history). Although we are targeting the same keywords, and although we are targeting the same landing pages, advertising costs are climbing and it doesn’t matter what we do, we just can’t lower the CPC.

Because these higher costs are nothing to do with your end, it has everything to do with “human nature” and competitiveness of the business world. Google and Facebook thrives on this making each advertiser to compete for those visitors by increasing the cost of an Ad click.

Did you know that when you search engine optimize your website, your maximum cost per click will go down. Meaning, Google Ads calculates many factors for Quality Score including landing page experience. SEO improves website user experience, that is why you need to search engine optimize your website.

SEO is a Process to Attract New Visitors Long Term

You could start blogging if you haven’t done so already, you could start getting on YouTube, or you could start building your follower base on Facebook. Because SEO is not just about keywords or links, its about identifying content ideas and publishing them after you optimize the content.

Basically, your aim should not be to rank few keywords here and there but rather build authority on internet for your niche. You could answer questions through How to’s you could publish manuals and news about your industry.

There are many other ways to identify content, you could also visit your competitor website to get fresh content ideas. Then, create similar content but SEO it, and voila you get better results through Google.

Time Is Money

This concept of time is money is more true online than anywhere else, neither Google or Facebook is fighting for your advertising dollars because you are a willing participant in that game.

These two giants are fighting for “your time” “my time” and everyone else’s “time” because more time spent on any social media platform translates into more dollars for these giants.

Global televisions? Maybe not, but global video content or podcasts where everyone (including me) can have a voice (think of it like your own TV station where you can broadcast to viewers). That is the future, once again, search engine optimization helps you rank your YouTube videos also.

Facebook with over 2 billion users and is growing? Who is left? Everyone is connected and you are living a digital driven world. No business can survive without a great online presence and SEO “search engine optimization” still is the easiest way to make sure that you get the website traffic your business deserves.

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