How to Create Addon Domains in Cpanel

How to Create Addon Domains in Cpanel

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You got a premium web hosting? Whether using service providers such as , , or others? As long as you have Cpanel to work with, then, here are the required steps for creating multiple websites using just your single web hosting account.

The Required Information

Because there are many different scenarios for web hosting packages (such as private IP, domain you registered using different registrar but now you want to Add that On domain to different web hosting etc.)

For creating an you will need to identify your web server details so that you can point your domain name DNS settings and A records pointing to your web server AddOn Domain details.

Identify Name Servers & DNS Settings

Because each web hosting setup will be different, the easiest way to get details for the Name Servers and DNS settings that your domain name should point to can be obtained through your web hosting provider simply either visit the help section, or email them to get these details.


Crazy Domains Name Server and DNS Settings User Interface
Shows screenshot image of Crazy Domains Name Server and DNS Settings User Interface

After > Modify Name Server Settings

Crazy Domains Name Server Changed Settings
Shows screenshot image of Crazy Domains Name Server Settings for and

After > Modify DNS Settings

Crazy Domains DNS Changed Settings
Shows screenshot image of Crazy Domains DNS settings update option

You can find the IP address by logging in to your web hosting account and finding server specification

Crazy Domains Web Hosting Server Specs
Shows Crazy Domains Web Hosting Server Specs

Or if you already have a domain hosted on your server, you can conduct

Find Add On Domain Menu Link & Modify Settings in cPanel

Crazy Domains AddOn Menu Option

Shows AddOn Menu Option on Web Hosting User Interface

Crazy Domains AddOn Domain Options
User Interface for Crazy Domains AddOn Domain Options

Video Lesson Explains How to Create Multiple Websites Using a Single Web Hosting Account

Final Tweak for Your Add On Domain

Last step for hosting an additional domain under the same web hosting account is to make sure that the server can handle redirection of the add on domain to point to your domain name as shown in the sample image below

Domain Redirection
Shows options for Domain Redirection

Now that you know how to create Addon Domains using your Cpanel do ahead and make sure that each web site you host is original in its content. Because in Google, you rank for original content.

Here’s the Process RankYa Follows for All Additional Domains

Once the above procedures are in place, then, simply install WordPress inside the new domain you are hosting (as it will have its own folder). Then, once WP is installed, create pages for:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us Page
  • Home
  • Blog

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Reading > choose static pages for front page and blog posts (at this stage you can and should select ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ till you are confident that your site is ready to go live online. Then simply add and

Then all you have to do is create targeted content by following you by I and you will have a website that brings is web site traffic eternally. Thank you for sharing this blog post

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