How to Create Custom Widgets in WordPress

How to Create Custom Widgets in WordPress

 In WordPress

Creating your own custom widgets in WordPress can be accomplished using two different options, and they are:

  • Easy option: by creating sidebar
  • Complex option: by creating plugins using the

Video Showing Easy Option for Creating Custom Widgets in WordPress

Think of WordPress Widgets as  adding new content and features to be displayed anywhere on your website and not just the sidebar. Although there are many built in widgets in WordPress, you can also search and use many  freely available.

Ideally, unless your website is designed for personal blogging, you have to strongly consider as to why you would use Widgets. As long as it adds to usability of your website, then you are good to go and you can safely use it on your built site. Also consider using that get updated regularly as, most plugin developers aren’t focused on security of their plugins when coding

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