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What is Landing Page Optimization? Landing pages are web pages that you can modify and optimize for better results. Whether the objective is for higher Google rankings, or whether you want higher conversions rates.

Ideally, landing page optimization is your ability to create quality web pages so that the visitors to your site can have a better user experience, as a result, they find what they searched for.

Landing Page Optimization Tips

If you read anything about landing page optimization online, or if you visited other websites to get ideas for creating your ultimate landing page. Then you are going the wrong way about optimizing your website.

Why? Because your website is different, your communication is different, your voice is different. Well at least it should be if you want to get better results from your website.

Basically, before you go ahead and start changing things on your website, think about this very easy question “how can I simplify my website user interaction” and “how can I guide website visitors to fulfil my conversion objective”.

Think of the ability and experience of your ideal customer: are they young individuals and fairly comfortable with using technology, are they children who need more visual cues, are they elderly citizens needing larger font sizes and perhaps larger buttons?

Video Explaining How You Can SEO Your Web Pages

Optimizing Web Pages the Right Way

There is no other website template that can be the only solution for all diverse industries. Because what really matters is that you begin to optimize your website for your own ideal audience as opposed to mine, or anyone else. So once again always ask:

  • When website visitors land on my web pages, what do they want to find?
  • When website visitors land on my web pages, how can I assist them to find what they are looking for more easily?
  • Can I improve the usability of my website?

These are the most important questions that must be answered when you want to create the best landing pages that also convert. Above all else, remember that the best way to optimize your own landing pages is through testing till you work out the best design elements and call to action placements.

webpage seo tips Try testing using different words on your call to actions, test white space dimensions, fonts, images, colors, web forms and everything else on your web pages. Everything can be tested so that you find the best performing version.

Quick Landing Page Testing Ideas

There are many website usability testers online, including Google Analytics A B testing. Or, you can even ask your family or friend to get some feedback on usability “was the website easy to navigate, read, understand and use?”

If you are a small business owner, and you are not familiar with web page testing, then, do not waste your time setting up A/B testing. Instead use RankYa’s proven web site optimization techniques.

Webpage Optimization for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is easy regarding On Page SEO. Simply analyze the image below and you’ll cover landing page optimization factors. On Page SEO

Mobile SEO Demystified

Google is a business, so before you think of Google as a search engine that is out there to bring world’s knowledge in front of its searchers, you need to remember, Google is a business.

Therefore, its in Google’s business interest to reward website owners who create mobile friendly pages. Knowing this, you need to then stay away from money hungry digital agencies telling you that you also need a different version for mobile SEO as well.

Creating 2 version of a website is just a bad idea today in Google Mobile First Index world, as in desktop version and mobile version.

You should create 1 version being a responsive website that renders well regardless of the device your visitors will be using when they land on your website. This will make sure that all your search engine optimization efforts will bring measurable results for your entire website.Free SEO Course Category

Free SEO Course Category

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