Conditional Facebook Conversion Tracking for WordPress

When you want to add conditional pixel event tracking / conversion tracking for your WordPress sites, the easiest option is actually to add it to WordPress template file called header.php To locate header.php file you have 2 options, however, you should make sure that you are actually logged in to your web hosting account to … Continue reading “Conditional Facebook Conversion Tracking for WordPress”

Facebook Marketing and Advertising Course

If your small business isn’t getting the results that you deserve, then, its time to change your Facebook Marketing strategy. Because most small business owners are told to follow strategies that multinational companies follow. That’s never going to work for the rest of us. Perhaps its time to learn what matters for Facebook Marketing from … Continue reading “Facebook Marketing and Advertising Course”

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

If your Facebook Business page isn’t delivering the results that you wanted, then perhaps its time to either re-evaluate your Facebook marketing approach, or, stop using all the default Facebook Advertising settings. Because default settings aren’t designed for small business (or Local Business) owners. And as we know MarketingĀ is the action or business of promoting … Continue reading “Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners”