Free Step-by-Step SEO Training Course for 2024

Free SEO Course for 2024 by RankYa

Search engine optimization requirements are changing due to mobile-device increase to access the internet, AI distrupting Google search results and other factors such as global competition of multinational giants (Facebook vs YouTube vs TikTok etc.).

Today, Google offers you capability to search an image with Google Lens. Own a smartphone with Location setting turned on? Almost everyone is carrying Google 24/7 with them as if part of their being, and search engines track our every move.

For us to succeed getting FREE Website Traffic from Google, we need to at least briefly understand how Google business model actually works, and know, Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is more than placing keywords here or there on a web site. Facts are:

  • Google is a business
  • Google wants all websites to do well because then their business can grow
  • Google penalizes websites which do not adhere to their guidelines
  • Google has strict guidelines
  • There is NO difference between Search Engine Optimization vs Website Optimization
  • There is NO difference between On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO

Only when we understand these facts, we can achieve great results online.

Just like your business, Google must protect their business interests too, therefore, they change their algorithms. For example the latest helpful content update to counteract spam while catering for the evolving advancement in web technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence and smartphone revolution.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way. Let’s begin getting better results for your business website.

Introduction Video

Links to Each Lesson (includes video sessions)

Below are links to each area of optimization in this freely available step-by-step latest search engine optimization training course for 2024 Google rankings. NOTE: links are placed in order of importance (each video lesson is tied to the next, meaning, you should not skip the order of importance). How To SEO URL Structure How To SEO HTML TITLE Element How To SEO Meta Tags How To SEO Heading Tags How To SEO Textual Content How To SEO Internal Links How To SEO Outbound Links How To SEO Web Images How To SEO CSS How To SEO JavaScript How To SEO Web Forms How To SEO .htaccess file YouTube Playlist Containing All Videos Conversion Rate Optimization (New) (Private Course)

Here’s What Google Wants from a Website in 2024

Making your content search engine friendly is important because it’s how you get more relevant users viewing your content. How do you do this? Simply by making sure that your website is user-friendly, secure, fast, accessible to all, and works on all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wide-screen devices).

In 2024 with all the latest changes Google has made, if a website doesn’t adhere to the latest SEO requirements, this will mean drastic keyword ranking drop, or worse yet, de-indexation of web pages.

As well as having a website that is helpful, reliable, and content created for people and not just for search engine rankings. This is called search engine optimization ‘SEO’ in 2024. You can learn more about Google ranking system.

What is SEO

As far as RankYa is concerned, SEO simply is website optimization, content creation and marketing.

Why RankYa SEO

There are misconceptions about how to get top Google rankings quickly, RankYa follows Google strict guidelines and has the skills, expertise and experience to teach SEO in an easy to understand manner. Basically, any technique shown on RankYa website and video content can be used confidently.

Must Know Facts About Google Algorithms for Top Rankings

The very technology Google search engine is built upon is what we need to focus on when optimizing web documents for first position search results. For example: while you’re reading this, you are looking at text, and at the same time imagining the meaning of words and sentences using your mind to construct meaning. Basically, it is the human language you are analyzing.

Google at its core, written deep within its algorithms can analyze the code of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

For example: web page design structure, colors on web page elements, HTML elements, web images, timestamps (when the document was found or updated, location of searcher), web server responses (e.g. 200 OK, 301 Moved Permanently), words found on the web, web font-sizes, as well as, machine learnt human language processing to analyze keyword relevance and keyword meaning. Google’s automated ranking systems combines everything for ranking.

Important HTML Example for Understanding SEO

HTML tags can also be used for search engine optimization because you now understand that Google can evaluate HTML code. <h1>This Heading Tag</h1> <h2>Is Evaluated as More Important Than This Heading Tag</h2> Example: <u>underlined</u> text is evaluated as different compared to non underlined text.

Why a Website Needs to be Fully Optimized in 2024?

Almost all websites today are built without including search engine optimization in to the core website coding. Popular Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace aren’t SEO friendly by design.

These popular Content Management Systems by default are not search engine friendly as they need to cater for various types of business websites. For example: eCommerce site may require different scripts to be loaded to work on checkout stage, whereas a Local Business website may not, loading unneeded code slows down the web page load affecting user-experience.

How To On-Page SEO Tutorial for 2024

Can you imagine your website without words? Keyword Research is the beating heart of SEO. All I can tell you is, do not be discouraged by competitiveness of your industry and your target keywords. Because you can achieve top Google rankings for all your target keywords, although some will take bit longer than others.

Then on page optimization. Let me first show you how to optimize landing pages because this is the easiest part of search engine optimization. On Page SEO 2024Links to Each Lesson (includes video sessions)

By RankYa

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We love sharing our proven experience through how to videos and complete courses related to business website marketing, conversion optimization, Google (Search Console, Ads, Analytics, YouTube), SEO, HTML5, Structured Data and WordPress. Thank you for visiting our blog.


    1. Hi Kim, yes, I’ve logged in #RankYa #YouTube channel and posted a reply to your question and shared the link to this SEO Training Course that I believe will help. As you said in your email, to speed up the website, focus on CSS SEO at least because Cloudways is not bad so you need not change the web host, but WP Rocket won’t help for LCP nor will image compression plugins for WordPress. Basically, optimize the CSS and also optimize loading of WordPress scripts.

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