Privacy Policy

This page outlines the procedures and implementation of our privacy policy used on RankYa websites. We really do value our website visitors privacy, and we want to ensure all our website visitors, subscribers and our valued clients are informed about the information we collect through our website/s.

This privacy policy applies worldwide including for Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Do Not Sell my Personal Information (California residents only)

As a California (USA) resident, the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) gives you the right to opt-out of the “sale” of your personal information. Our business is not in the sale of personal data. Having said this, our website and services may be affected by the term “sale”, for example, our use of tracking pixels and or our ability to show you interest based advertising, which may allow third parties such as Google, Facebook or other service providers we directly/and or/indirectly work with.

We understand you want to ensure the “sale” of your information does not occur. Accordingly, California consumers can take action by following the links found on this page starting here Opt Out Tools.

General policy

If you are simply browsing through our web site: we do not collect personally identifiable sensitive information about you if you only browse our website.

Contact form

We collect your name, email address, domain name and your comments for the purposes of replying accurately to your email messages. Our guarantee to you is that we will never abuse, make available public, or sell the information you provide when you contact us.

Interest based advertising

Since we also utilize Online Advertising (Ads) and take advantage of advanced tracking and features such as “Remarketing and interest-based advertising and conversion tracking”. Let us now inform you about our use of these advanced features, and also, provide you with choices for disabling them. You can opt out from these ads through European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe. Digital Advertising Alliance in the USA and the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada. For mobile device users: see your mobile device privacy settings to opt out.


“cookies” (also known as web beacons) enables us to monitor our web site traffic patterns for maintenance, website improvement, login access details, and also to serve you more efficiently when you visit or revisit our website. You can set your internet browser to completely block these cookies by clicking here.

More specifically

We use various services and platforms for website traffic analysis and advertisement opportunities. These platforms also utilize cookies which you may consider disabling. We use Google products and advertising programs (including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, DoubleClick cookies) to change your Google account Ad settings and preferences click here (must be logged in).

To learn more about Google privacy policies click here and to learn how Google uses cookies click here. To adjust your Ads settings click here. For Google Analytics (to opt-out click here). For Facebook advertising (to learn more about how Facebook Serves ads and to adjust your Facebook Ads settings click here and for Facebook cookies policy click here).

Contact Us

For all your questions and concerns regarding this Privacy Policy simply contact us anytime. We reserve the right to modify and update our privacy policies anytime. We appreciate you taking the time to read this important document and encourage you to continue browsing our website. Contact Press Here for Free SEO Course Subscribe to RankYa YouTube Channel